At the moment they exist in the network multitude of programs of free access that allow to make Webs of “low cost? despite this IS NOT RECOMMENDABLE for most people.

Why he isn't recommendable? In the majority of the cases he is not profitable due to the cost-opportunity relation. That is to say, if your objective is to do something that is not of your battle area, the time that you are going to dedicate to make all this type of activities is going to be much greater to the one than it would dedicate another person whom really it controls plus the subject. Arrived at this point we do not have to forget that:

=Dinero time

This means that the time that you are squandering in making your own webpage, you will not be dedicating it to produce in your business.

to make webpage

How much it costs really to make a Web?

If you are really considering to do you yourself the webpage, a form to see how much the real accomplishment costs to you, is calculating the hours that you are going to dedicate, since we have commented previously.

Cost total= time that you invest (money)

Things to consider when you calculate the hours:

Search the program or platform that adapts more to your needs. All the platforms are not used for the same, and on the other hand, all is not equal of easy to use.

Although the majority of the platforms is “easy enough?, always you are going to need a certain knowledge Design Web, usability and SEO, and even sometimes of publicity on Facebook or in Google ADS. All these problems you can solve contracting them easily expert companies in the sector.

On the other hand, the visualization and graphical design, although can seem a very easy aspect is going to be quite complicated to get to make a really efficient design, modifiable and easily re-usable for other texts. Which in terms of time, is going to suppose a great investment.

In order to make your webpage, you are going to have to learn perfectly how the platform works, to understand it and to dominate it. All this is going to suppose a great time reversal, since mainly at the outset the learning is going to be realised with test-error.

If still you want to create your Web you yourself, here we let some advice to you webmaster for a to make a Web from zero Luck!

The corporative identity, and written information, these you will have to organize them, to create them…

As far as the images, they also suppose a great investment in time, since although already you have them “done? you will have to modify them, to add claim, texts, etc to them…
To the thread of the previous point, once secured, removed or bought the images you will have to modify them with programs as Photoshop. Which in case of not knowing its operation, or having design slight knowledge, we will have to add the time of learning to realise what you have thought.

Once you already have all the material created and preparation, you will have to realise a considerable time reversal in raising all the material the final Web, on the other hand, to organize it, to order it… Until obtaining that this it is of the possible most efficient form.

Still at the moment that already you have all the designs of your Web, this it will have to raise the servant, and on the other hand to realise the configuration of this same servant.

Of this form and analyzing all the aspects most normal it is than if you do not have any type of previous knowledge, you are going to spend several months to possibly finalize the creation of the Web.

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Then, How much worth to do you yourself to you is the Web?

If you are totally objective, you will realize that stops to make your webpage you are going to spend many hours of your time, and even so, surely the resulting Web is going to be totally satisfactory neither is going to reflect the corporative the more agreed identity to your activity and image.
Aside from all the points that we have mentioned previously, if you are going to realise you yourself your webpage, also you will have to consider that the CMS (or programs car-to do Webs) have many disadvantages and limitations.

Disadvantages of the CMS or car-Web

The majority of the platforms that allow you to make Webs easily, is going to have a monthly cost that oscillates until the 70 Euros (monthly). This what means? It means that aside from spending many hours to secure your decent Web you are going to have to throughout pay for that reason the time of life utility that you are going to have the Web. If you begin to throw accounts consequently you will realize of which to have that little customized Web you are going to be investing a great amount of money.

In case the platform that you are going to use is gratuitous, the greater cost is going to be in a matter of opportunity and learning. And although the platform is of low cost, are going to always have limitations as far as personalisation, this is going to cause that surely you cannot realise all the modifications that you would like. Aside from this, you will have to learn to realise multitude of things to be able to modify it the possible maximum.

Also you must yourself adapt to your own limitations since you possibly do not have positioning knowledge as much, design, programming, strategy, marketing, publicity… This is going to cause that surely the result of as much effort that you invest, is not going to be the obtaining of a really good product. Ten in account that a good marketiniano, or a person that know to position in SEO, or a publicist, or a designer… takes years in forming and in being really good and effective in its field. What would have to give a track of which by many hours that you spend in your business these hours of more, they do not mean necessarily that you are doing it better, or than you arrive better at your public.

Still after as much most common effort it is than the image that you transmit continues being mediocre. If your image is not good, your consuming one automatically will think that your company is not it either.

You can personalize everything what you want.

The SEO for a webpage is a very important and fundamental point. Often the payment platforms free, are not going to allow SEO optimization to us, and in case they allow it to us they are going to suppose the knowledge of programming of a form enough outpost.

If you are limited in all the aspects that we mentioned previously, this is going to suppose that also you are going to be limited at the time of doing branding, and consequently in the image that is going to have the clients of you.

At the moment in that you begin to realise your Web in a platform this is going to suppose that in case you want “to migrate? to another one, you are going to have to begin everything of zero, and in case of being again a seemed platform, paying “to x? amount to be able to use it of an extended form.

In any case, it would be necessary to stress that all along that you lose doing all this type of action you are not dedicating it to realise things that really occur you well.

Arrived at this point we do not have to forget that the good entrepreneur is that one that who knows when and to must delegate the work, to cause that everything turns in favor of the company.

As they summarize we can say that: He is MUCH MORE CHEAP to contract a company that makes your Web that to do it you yourself.

And you, Still you continue thinking about making your own Web? To what delays to engage to your Web a reasonable price and of form 100% professional?


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