A long time ago, long time, the design Web, the usability and the SEO were very different things, sure, we were in the dawn of Internet and everything has evolved, as much that now simply site that a good integration of its design does not have Web, a correct usability and a good SEO do not have anything to do, much due mainly to the ruling competition in almost any niche of market.

You can be thinking about doing your own webpage to you these advice of webmaster to make your Web from zero certainly interests to you, but you do not leave the reading of this post, are two complementary subjects.


Design Versus. Usability

Cause that your design is U.S.able is much more simple than you create, whenever you use the common sense and you apply it correctly, here we let the three basic tie points to you to which you must pay attention:

1. Principle of legibility

The gold rule in when to usability Web it talks about is that we always follow the legibility principle, that is to say: Most important to go ordered from top to bottom and of left to right.

It is why the tendencies for some years “force to us? to above put the logo to the left, or to put sidebar to the right, “behind? of the content if we looked it as we read a book.

If your design fails to fulfill this principle, surely your users will not know well how to sail in your page, and you will lose yield.

2. Center you in the important thing

In a good design everything cannot be important, but you can make all the parts of the design with affection and taking care of the details. To which I want to go with this is that it is better if you use the points to which the users (central part of the screen according to open your page, for example) for the important things pay attention more, leaving the rest of the elements for peripheral zones.

In the distribution it is the key!

3. Where my Call is to Action?

Most important to Action is than your Call (that is to say, the bellboys of call to the action who cause that your users realise the conversion and they become clients) are where they must be, and you, how designer, must harness the relevance of these for thus thanks to the visual reinforcement and to the harmony site secures more sales.

As you see, in fact he is very simple that the design goes of the hand with the usability Web, but, it passes the same with the SEO?

Design and SEO

However, if there have been historically two staunch enemies these have been the positioning Web and the design, but I am going to you to demonstrate that both can fight by the common good: To have more sales, the three key points go there:

Web Responsive, tie point

To day of today to have a Web responsive, that is to say, site that adapts to all the sizes of screen such as smartphones, tablets and computers of different resolution is key to secure a good positioning, because the SERP of Google distinguishes since type of device you are looking for, and it redirects you to most compatible.

Structure Web, a joint work

The structure Web is vitally important not only facing the user and to that the menus and the button sellers are beautiful and in their correct site, but because they also are in charge to propagate Juice Link by all the site, and clear, is vitally important that the department of design and the one of positioning Web puts common their knowledge to have the best results.

After structuring your urls, creates a strategy of connected making natural link building.

HTML5, the new revolution

Now thanks to HTML5 Webs can be done very molonas as far as design (Parallax can make authentic delights) that in addition they position very well, consequently once again it is possible to be extracted best of the design and the best thing of the SEO to put it in favor of the company.

As you can see, nowadays yes that it is possible to combine Design Web, usability and SEO, and the results are incredible!

This article was written by Sergio Ramírez, if you want to know more about me, visits my ReAplicante blog.

Design Web, usability and SEO
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