We are going to explain as creating a webpage so that our business is more successful and is present in Internet, not only you must create an attractive webpage but also that you must contemplate other important aspects, remembers that your webpage is your better calling card.

success webpage

Election of domain and hosting

We begin by principle, election of domain and hosting, if you have a domain that has a certain time and you do not use, is already hour that to put it to work, the antiquity of the domain is a point but at the time of positioning itself in finders, if you do not have him does not pass anything! it is not a determining point, only is added value to a “whole?, that if, if the supplier of these services lets to you extend its reserve more of a year, I recommend it to you, Google will know that “project? will have crossed major and he will be more attractive to him. As far as hosting inform to you well on the speed of answer, have supported and functionalities it offers, you do not take surprises!

  • Antiquity of I dominate.
  • Extension of reserve of domain to 2 years.
  • Hosting burglaryable of guarantees.
  • Versions PHP
  • Ram/Rom

Forget to you the subject of key words within the domain, before was determining, but this point is lost much importance with the algorithmic updates of Google.

If your Web this adapted to movable devices Lee our article “Beam your Web Mobile Friendly? and does not use plugins that we indicated to you so that your WordPress adapts to all the devices.

Study of the competition of your niche

Before beginning to work on the contents and design of your webpage, you must study to your competition, but since I do this? , you can use SEOQUAKE a complement for Chrome, which you can form so that you of information on results search of the front page according to the criterion search which you have chosen. You will be able to export data to CSV and it will give tracks you on the presence of your competition in Internet, Likes on Facebook, backlinks from Twitter or Google+, Ranking of Alexa, indexed pages, antiquity of the domain… and another functionalities that surely will come to you very or, there are the more tools as Open site to explorer or SemRush that can also help you.

Study of the competition online

In addition it interests much knowledge to you that type of contents is those who offers your competition and in which you can emphasize envelope they, at the beginning center to you in which he differentiates to you. It investigates who uses words or terms nail compatible yours, a fast way would be to write in the inanchor finder “: keyword? will give back results to you that contain in their content that word or term nails… and then you will obtain more tracks!

It creates content of quality and differentiator

It thinks with tranquillity that contained you want to offer to your readers, nor is happened to you to put to you to copy and to beat of other pages, they will penalize to you sooner or later.

It works in equipment, an option is to share documents in Google Drive and that your collaborators or partners contribute to content and ideas, two or three thinking heads are better than one you do not create.

It uses calls to the action actively, so that the user sails by where your you want that he sails, and furthermore you put the easy things to them at the time of finding promotions or excellent information. Ten in account that Google when it enters your website reads the content of – down and left – above right so the first paragraphs are important, (always I put the example of the newspaper news, begins by the important thing and it is diluted) will come to you well to consult the guides of quality of Google.

A blog is important for your webpage, is an interesting way to contribute more contained excellent and terms key, this way you will cause that your Web grows little by little, but you do not forget the content of your corporative pages (that we are, services, products…), update always contributing them from time to time added value.

  • Content of quality
  • Work in equipment
  • Calls to the action
  • Almost constant update
  • Creation of Blog

Design Web and usability

Here it begins the good thing, it structures the content, it creates the tree of navigation of your website, ten clear that type of content you are going to offer and ponte in the skin of that is going to sail by your site, a basic norm of usability is that everything what is “clickable? also she must seem! So when somebody sails by your webpage it must know clearly where it can puncture to extend information or simply to sail.

We recommended to you that you read our post “Advice to create the best webpage of company? learns to structure your webpage.

Some webpages comment the error “to lose navigation? that is to say, kitchen mhelps in a connection, but as I return? or worse even where I am? a solution to this can be the use of a Path of navigation: Home/information…

A clear and simple design will help “to read? better the information and to emphasize the information that really interests to you that the user reads, in addition you do not forget that type of webpage hopes himself to find the user (to user eXperience), is not the same to design for a writing desk of lawyers that stops an infantile park.

  • It structures your content
  • Navigability
  • Design Web
  • User eXperience
  • Path of navigation

Within this section it exists infinity of resources, it investigates and you do not let it pass, a good design can differentiate to you from the competition.

Optimization and positioning Web

If you have followed the previous steps or you have route enough, it uses tools that analyze your Web and they show to you that you can improve as far as optimization talks about, Woorank (you can make a weekly analysis) or Metricspot (gratuitous) can help you in this sense.


It takes care of and it optimizes your titles (70 characters) and descriptions (160 characters) you do not write them to “TUN TUN? that they represent the activity that your content offers.

It uses sitemap.xml, robots.txt, labels <H1>, optimizes and it names your images with label ALT, creates conversion forms, it uses bolds and cursive, you do not use e-frames nor nested tables and tries to optimize the CSS and Javascript… and since I have shelp before finds the best titles and descriptions for each one of the urls that conforms your webpage (you do not repeat them).

Many optimizations exist but, it investigates as optimizing your webpage, a CMS as WordPress is very friendly for finders, thousands of plugins and one very ample community, furthermore to seem very intuitive at the time of updating, can be a good option for your Web, if you are mounting a blog you do not look for another one.

Once optimized, you can begin to raise some strategy to you of positioning Web SEO or PPC (SEM) and work on the popularity of your site.

IMPORTANT: it includes bellboys to share your content in social networks or to subscribe to Blogs and creates your own FANPAGES…

These advice are wickers that will make your Web “hard? later depends on you continuing contributing and optimizing.
Present you to the world and you do not hide, he participates and he shares information. Your reputation online will increase.

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