For the correct creation and design of webpages we must consider three stages:

First it is the design Web (layouts). In this stage one works distributing the text, graphs, bonds to other documents and other objects multimedia that is considered pertinent.  It is a very important stage since in her one will define the structure and the navigability Web, you do not make “TUN TUN?, think it well, you study the levels of navigation, as are the images, videos, social networks… the future of your Web can depend on this process.

Second, once the studied usability is had goes to generate the contents of our webpage. For this, you must write up the information of original way and clear, you do not write up for machines, do it for the users who are going to accede to your content and which they are interested in your products, also you do not forget to use keywords in (without going) ten in account the key words around the keyword, what is this? … tools that a direction of key words gives us are Adwords, write your keyword and look with as it relates them, those are the key words in power that you would have to use in your content.

The third stage consists of search engine optimization or SEO, optimization of contents, writing of new supplies and entrances to our blog, mantén “lives? your webpage and you do not become weak in continuing creating contained of quality and sharing your products, BE DONE TO KNOW.


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