Nowadays the competition in Internet is something Brutal then, What we can make to differentiate to us from the rest of the companies? The answer is easy: We must cause that our own brand has an identity and is present at strong.

However, we begin by the principle. You remember first that you have looked for in Internet this morning? Surely he was something that really you needed to know. During the last “Party Campus� statistical ones were seen several on the form of consumption in Internet that lets glimpse the tendencies that they are going away to produce and the type of devices who is going away to use to accede to the information of Internet. Between most characteristic we can see than:

With respect to the numbers that took place during year 2013, in Mexico almost 52 million users in Internet exist and between these:

  • Users with a laptop are 59%
  • Users who use a desktop computer 57%
  • Users who use smartphones 49% mainly
  • Those that use more current mobile phones 27%
  • The users who use tablet 20% preferably
  • Those that use video game consoles to arrive at Internet 13%.

However, if we observed why the devices are used, we can see that the activities that are realised more are:

• 80% of the users use the devices to send/to receive e-mail
• 77% to accede to social networks
• 72% are going to use it search information
• Surprising a 55% use Internet to chatear (this number is implemented with the inclusion of chats in platforms as Facebook)
• On the other hand, 20% of the users, use it to buy in line

Without a doubt the presence that we have in Internet is going to us to help to advance considerably in our profession. We must give to importance to our own brand and company. This image and presence that we have in Internet, in fact are going to repel in the form of clients.

However, our own brand in Internet cannot be seen simply as “selling, selling, to sell� since the image that we give in Internet, also is going to be dice by the experiences that has the consumer with our own product and brand. Thus the good “marketinianos� which is going to try is to involve to own target with our brand.

Therefore: The own personal brand is going to be the sum of experiences that the consumer has with respect to that own brand/product.

You want that your own brand is strong? One of the main advice so that your brand arrives more far, is than the name must everywhere be the same (or practically). Why it has to be thus? If somebody looks for to you, it is going to him to be much more easy to find you if it looks for your name directly, and you have the same in all the platforms that you use. Another advice is to interrelate all social platforms.

Arrived at this point, something that you would have to be asked is: What is what you want to really obtain? If for example, which you look for is to be an authority in the matter which you try, you will have to create content. And at the same time as this content that you are creating, is of most excellent possible. How obtained is this? This is able to obtain, creating contained that it matters and it helps other people. Once you are already an expert, he is advisable who expresses your own opinion on the subjects which you try, since your opinion will be excellent.

On the other hand, at this point certainly you have asked yourself, But… What type of content you can create? Based on your activity, the recommendable thing will be a thematic blog, social networks, structured companies of mail, opinions in forums, and even if your type of content is “personal more� photos of your own life. (For being able to take better all these subjects, we recommended community professional manager since this type of professionals knows perfectly what type of material, language etc, arrives better with the objective public that he is agreed to your product type).

What other things are going to you to differentiate from the rest? He is interesting that when you write something, you show your own point of view, and not the copy of the point of view of another person. It shows your public the essence of your brand, and your values.

I want to show a curiosity to you and is that, You knew that 90% of the people use the Internet when they look for a solution a problem whom they have? This is one of the many reasons of which we must always be in favor updated, and “of not inventing� things as well to you. To this in the sector we called it “webutation� Or what is the same “reputation in line�.

That advice we give in Decimoarte for the creation of your own brand?

  • The USA the name that you choose in all platforms, and the same photographies of transformation and head so that your consumer can identify to you easily.
  • “.comâ€? uses domains preferably or “, netâ€? (this is going to depend on the area in particular in which it is going away to focus your activity).
  • It tries to be organized possible, and you do not forget your Google+.
  • Ten in account the name of the archives that you raise.
  • Ask to you same, Does My image online communicate what I want to communicate?
  • If usually you use a signature, it uses that same signature for everything (for example in your post office).

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