All the independent companies, SMEs or look for to viralizar their contents by the network, with the aim of having greater visibility in finders and thus to obtain more clients, but how obtained is this? in much measurement with the marketing of contents, therefore if they ask to me; is the marketing of contents the king? My answer is fully IF.

In my opinion the marketing of contents has become one more of the techniques of more effective positioning Web.

marketing of contents

What is the Marketing of contents?

The marketing of contents is based essentially on contributing content very useful for the reader, doing it attractive and of value so that it becomes a viral content that report benefits to us, not only economic but also of reputation and confidence in the brand.

Once we have defined briefly that is the marketing of contents, we are going to see as entering us in this technique, that type of content I publish? why type of reader? where I publish it?

To find your objective public

She is one of the first obligations, knowledge to whom you go will make you think about what type of content will be to them useful and you will be able to provide excellent information that the user will be thankful subscribing, sharing, speaking of you…

It prepares your strategy

It studies that type of contents offers your competition and tries to contribute something more, than the user that reads it can apply it, the differentiation in this area is key, for it you will have to investigate, will help you to read articles, the specialized news, magazines… and to do a guide to you than it is important later to list it in your proposals. To make reference to other articles that you have written previously they will complement your article and they are a good form to cause that your readers continue in your blog (the time that the user sails by your blog is an important factor in SEO, Google interprets that the contents which you offer are of certain quality).

To lean in the social networks to spread your content is vital, “contacts? with communities, users, experts, blogueros… ask for opinion on your publication and invite to that they complement and they contribute knowledge to your article.

In addition to the social networks it uses the directory RSS, press notes and some announcements that direct to your article to help and to drive the publication, the others will come by itself, if you have written a different article the users share your publication, you will obtain Backlinks and in addition to quality, since normally the users of your niche are those that will share your article, but not only that if you obtain that it is a popular publication, not only will grow your SEO but also you will let grow your reputation online, they will see you as expert in the matter, or as which it at least contributes knowledge, which will repel positively on your brand.

  • It investigates and ponte to the day
  • The USA the social networks, RELATE to YOU!
  • Directory RSS
  • Notes of press
  • Guest Blogging
  • Announcements

It analyzes your results

to know which are the publications that are being successful will be to you very useful, you will know that publication type works, which not as much and those that you do not have to return to publish since they do not generate interest. The USA Google Analytics, will report all the information to you necessary to know how “to control? the hearing of your publications.

Google analytics

It is important to know where your readers estan, for example, if visits come from Facebook in 80%, and from another platforms not you obtain the same objectives, is possible that your niche finds mainly in this network social, so your following contribution you prepared it focused to Facebook since your objective public is there, with this I do not say that you neglect the others.

Conclusion: the advantages of the marketing of contents are many, applies it and luck!

  • Major contained and of quality in your website
  • Increase of the reputation online
  • Increase of visits considerably
  • The positioning Web will improve SAFE!
  • You will be related to experts of the sector

These are some of you rule that you can follow, from is thing here yours to contribute value to your publications, spirit and to for that reason.

If you like compártelo!

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Marketing of contents he is the king?
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