Why it serves to Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager gives back the control to us of our code of a fast, gratuitous and intuitive form. What does is to allow the aggregate or the edition of the labels directly from Tag Manager instead of to enter to the code of the site in himself, also reducing the amount of errors that can be gotten to commit. Thus, deploy can be done more quickly without needing having to involve to third parties.

How to use it?

The good thing is that we did not need to have much knowledge to be able to begin to use it. Nothing else we must have an account of Google – most probable it is than already we have it for being able to create an account in Tag Manager. Then, to use it, we must follow these steps.

  • To create an account in http://www.google.com/tagmanager
  • To create a container or a container for the website that we are administering. The container will be what has in its interior all the labels that are used in the site. Although it can be defined in more of a domain, is recommendable that is only for one only.
  • To insert the code of Google Tag Manager in our website – he will be provided by the same tool once we have arrived this step. This piece of code must beat in all the pages of our site, underneath the label <body> of the HTML.
  • Once we have inserted the code already we can directly administer to the labels from Tag Manager.
  • In order to create a new label, it must again click in the button that is in the bar superior. The same to publish an existing label.

As we can see, he is something very simple. If just we began to administer a website and we want to have more domain on the publicities and campaigns that are running, it is an ideal tool.


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