When you are thinking to open a business online, you must have several aspects in account, with the purpose of selling still more.

Which are the basic things that will do that bandage more with your store online?

to sell more store online

If what you want is to sell more with your store online, it will have determined things to consider that will be able to suppose a great difference to you. You cheer up to learn that things you can improve?

  • If you have a store online and a physical store, you do not put the same prices in both. Most recommendable for the stores online it is to separate the concept of the one of the physical store. This way we will manage to have different campaigns of marketing, and as well very different prices.
  • Information of contact, clear and accessible. One of the main errors that usually are committed is the one of not having information of contact in the Web. To offer data of contact aside from projecting in the consumer an image of security and confidence, also is going to offer the possibility of solving problems in case these arise. Where he is recommendable to put the contact information? Most recommendable it is to put the information of contact in all the pages of the Web. If in addition they offer another type of networks as for example twitter and facebook that is going to allow in time real answer, and in addition on the other hand is going to make conversions of exponential form.
  • The information of the product always must be, TRUE! One of the things that inconvenience more to the user at the time of realising purchases by Internet is the one of not having the product image, or not having the description of this. It is fundamental to offer graphical elements to the buyer, that contain the greater possible information.
  • It also offers the possibility of purchase without registry. This she is one of the best implementations than you can do in your Web. Since whatever more difficulties has people to end up carrying out the purchase, less it is going to buy. It is necessary to offer therefore the possibility of not registering itself to carry out the purchase. Of this form the conversion is going to be much greater.
  • Pon a product finder, and that always works. There are many people who want to make “fast purchasesâ€? and if they have the impediment of not counting on a finder that allows to find the product them that they look for in seconds, will surrender and to the 20 seconds they will be leaving the page, which also is going to mean the loss of a sale.
  • Whatever more product images, Better! This he is another one of the points with much influence in the commerce online, and that in addition affects directly to the returns since many products will be given back indeed because the client had not seen the product of a correct form.  Whatever more visual reconnaissance has the client, less doubts is going to have, returns will be avoided, and the purchases will be harnessed.
  • It always includes “related productsâ€? or “recommended productsâ€?. To include related products or recommended products can cause that a sale store monoproduct, becomes for sale multiproduct easily. It is necessary to offer interesting products to the consumer.
  • It always includes information of the shipment throughout the purchase process. If you want to save a good percentage of abandonments during the purchase, he is very advisable that years in all the pages the approximated costs of shipment. Many people exist who leave the purchase when seeing “suddenlyâ€? that the product which they looked for raisin to cost 20 Euros more of the predicted thing.
  • She always responds to the users. To have a system of commentaries, or a contact form, is not simply of adornment. If a client writes, she waits for a “feedbackâ€?, the more time you dedicate to your clients, the more you will win. On the other hand this aspect can suppose a point to you differentiator with respect to the competitors, offering a service of attention to the client of more quality.

What errors you must avoid if you want to sell online?

First that you must do at the time of trying to open a store online, she is the one to demolish mental barriers, that of opposite form, they would prevent to remove all the party you to the tool from sale.

  • The stores online, are not so complicated technologically: Instead of dedicating to you to think that type of tool you want to use (WordPress, Magento…) he spends your time in trying to seduce the possible buyers so that they end up acquiring your product. You do not forget that you will have to gain the confidence of your buyers. Also according to you have your mounted store online, you do not hope to that the first clients arrive by themselves, Look for them! He is completely absurd to spend money to you in a store online and not search “asâ€? selling more.
  • You do not despise the importance of the sales: Often it is gotten to despise to the “commercial onesâ€?. It is quite common that a single person or a group of people invents a brilliant product, but that soon by ignorance, or lack of labia does not know how to sell it. The commercial ones have all the knowledge necessary to know how how to close a sale. If you really want to sell by Internet you will have to leave to a side your prejudices, and put all your persistence in removing the company ahead. What it is really going to matter to end of month is that all the numbers square. What happens if you do not have nor idea to sell? Most recommendable he is than either, better your commercial abilities, or you choose search a partner to you.
  • You simply do not trust your strategy of marketing the “viralidadâ€? of your Web: Although it seems that the most idiot things become viral, that does not mean that with the really good things that also happens. It tries to be more real, you do numbers and calculates how much it really costs to catch a client, who service life has and where you can look for it. If you leave all your campaign of marketing into the hands of “chanceâ€? is going to be led the failure. People always prefer to see funny things “chorrasâ€? and to see a “spotâ€? of product.
  • You do not take to you yourself the social networks and contract community manager: Although you can think that to take the social networks the reality is something “easyâ€? is that community manager professional, has much formation in that field to be able to do it of the best possible way. To promote your product in social networks, youtube… He is always recommendable, but… If all the good does not work that you would want, they ten a plan B preparation.
  • You do not formulate a plan of marketing to the inverse one: This would be for example what it happened in the story of the milkmhelp. And he is one of the most common errors at the time of selling by Internet. Despite knowing the real volume of market that you always handle he is positive, despite never you forget that the clients are people with full name, ARE NOT NUMBERS, and much less “trafficâ€?. Another aspect to consider is very the one of not inflating the sales, is better to reflect in the spreadsheets the real sales.
  • You are going to be the best one, neither nor the first readiest one: Any person that tries that a project leaves ahead (without concerning too much if it tries it online or with physical store), deserves absolutely all the respect. Despite we do not have to forget to us that with humility we are only going to be able to learn how to take the business of the best possible way.

What happens with the payments of the stores online? We speak of TPV

Surely first that you will ask yourself it is… What is a TPV? The TPV are “terminal point of sale�, this is going to make reference to the device and the technology that helps to the management of a commercial establishment thought about the sale the public. Also it must only allow an accessible computer science system specialized salesmen.

What are going to allow the TPV?

The TPV are going to allow so much the creation as the impression of the sale ticket using for it the product references. On the other hand the TPV are going to conduct other parallel operations during the sale process, and they will also say the changes in the own inventory. This type of reports is going to help the management of the own business.

What types of TPV exist?

According to the type of hardware of which he is compound the terminal of the point of sale, the TPV could be:

  • Compact: In this case the elements are going to be integrated in a single equipment. Of this form all the components (CPU, keyboard, printer…) they will be in a same support, and of this form space will be saved.
  • To modulate: In this case the TPV is much more going to be similar to a conventional PC, in this case will be made up of several elements that will be connected as well to the own main processor.

On the other hand, also another differentiation of the TPV based on the software exists that these have integrated, since an installed software can be found “to size�, of this form can be personalized the activity that has the commercial establishment, this is going to suppose a greater cost of implantation.

On the other hand they are going to be the commercial ones, these are going to have “general� functions for already predefined commerces as for example the hotel trade, sale of clothes, ironworks…

And the specific TPV are going to be those that concretely are developed for a business in particular.

What advantages must use a TPV?

To put in a SME a TPV, is going to suppose that it will be able to make agile the sale process. This, is going to repel directly in the own consumer, since it will be able to give a better service to our own clients.

On the other hand when computerizing all the information this is going to suppose a greater control of the sales that has carried out the company. We cannot forget that the TPV are going to us to offer different applications from management, statistic and control that the own software of the TPV has.

Concerning image, the use of TPV is going to cause that our company gives one better image to the consumer. Since to have the implantation of TPV, it is going to do that facing the public our establishment is in constant improvement and greater satisfaction of the consumer.

On the other hand, the TPV are going to allow to create different profiles to work, of this form we will be able to see the person makes specific that it has carried out the sale.

The importance of the shipment in the purchases online

There is a thing to consider and is that whichever major is the price of the product that is wanted to acquire, major is going to be the risk perceived by the own client, whichever major is the price, this is going to cause that the opinions and recommendations of other buyers are much more determining. Normally the buyers are going to contribute two types of feedback:

  • Recommendation.
  • Critic.

These usually are regarding two things essentially:

  • Feedback regarding the product.
  • Feedback regarding the salesman (or the selling company).

One of the strengths of the salesmen online is going to be the purchase experience, that in the majority of the cases, the own client is going away to center in quality and rapidity of the shipment. On the other hand, the salesman will have to be very kind as far as the answer to the consultations of the client, and the effectiveness of the management of the claims and the returns.

If you have an ample experience selling online, you will know that the satisfactory transactions do not generate practically any type of recommendation, despite the unfruitful purchases if they are going to bring about a great number of complaints.

One of feedback most normal usually is the one that speaks of the quality and rapidity of the shipment, thus if that point goes well the average valuation of the purchase, is going to be the maximum valuation.

Which are the reasons essential to consider in the product shipment of the stores online?

The salesman online must consider the own shipment as an investment of the purchase experience, and on the other hand is also an element that is going to generate sales in the mid term.

There are many products in the market with a great competition, with which surely desire enter to us to try “to save� a little in the expenses of shipment, despite saving in that sense it can leave to us very expensive.

If we secured a good shipment, we will have a good experience in the buyer.

The downtime that we must consider is around the 24-48 hours, this can be extended a little if the distance is very great (for example with the international shipments, especially if they are nonEuropean countries). With this type of shipment, the own company of transport will in touch be put with the client in order to determine one hour concrete of delivery, or in the case of not finding it will leave the warning leaf him.

Once the package has been given to the client, arriving as much packing as product in good conditions, the process is going away to close of a satisfactory form, of this form we will be able to improve the perception of a good experience of purchase.

If we make an evil shipment, we will have a bad experience of the consumer.

By general norm, the bad shipments have as characteristic a much more long downtime of the habitual one. If a store online puts in its Web that offers terms of shipment among 7-9 days for national shipments is going to suppose that many people decide not to carry out that purchase.

The ideal would be to be able to offer two forms of shipment, according to S.A. client runs to him or haste, not being able to choose therefore a shipment form a little more face for express shipments, or a cheaper form of shipment for shipments than does not run as much haste.

Unless the product that bandage is made by hand, anyone of your competitors can offer it less than sending it in 24 hours.

What happens if the transport system fails?

The bad experiences with purchases done to stores online, are not the habitual thing, although they are not as infrequent either as they would have. What usually brings about the purchases that have not left absolutely well, it is that the own buyer, does not return to repeat the purchase experience.

If the price of shipment and the margin of prices is an obstacle, it is always possible to be decided on options as post office, that usually offer a ampler schedule of delivery, and if they do not find to the adressee in its home, they offer the collection option to office.

You have some tactics more than you use in your store online? What advice you consider fundamental at the time of causing that your webpage works?

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