All that we dedicated to the arduous task of the positioning SEO we looked for the naturalness of our connections so that Mr. Google does not interpret to us as Spam, but What is a natural connection? And most important How with himself?

What is a natural connection?

We begin to define that it is a natural connection, or rather that is a natural connection for the finders. A natural connection is that one that is created without the necessity to buy it or to interchange it, the user does not create it thinking about SEO, it does because the content that is associated to that connection seems to him interesting, excellent and it contributes value to him.

How we can consider our natural strategy of linkbuilding?

Study of key words

First that we must consider to the hour that to create a natural strategy of linkbuilding is that terms key we are going to use, for it defines your product or service by means of terms nails, looks for synonymous, words and compatible terms to construct texts of your content, waste a little time in thinking them, it will not be lost time (Google Trends or Google Adwords can help to determine the looked for words and terms more you key).

You cannot forget that to create unique and excellent content it is the most effective way of than the users create natural connections from their social networks, forums, blogs or webpages.

I finish key: “positioning Web�
Synonymous: to position Web, SEO, visibility in finders, search engine optimization…
planner key words

From this information we will begin to construct to our content, using the words and terms nail that more they interest to us.

For example: Company specialized in search engine optimization, if you need to position your webpage you can contact with…  … you do not stop having visibility in the main finders… … it improves the SEO of your page with our plans of positioning Web…

Once fulfilled the task of optimization of the content as far as density of key words and diversity of terms to define my product we happened to another great enigma of the SEO, where I can obtain my longed for backlinks?

What is #linkbuilding #Natural? , we explained it to you and we give keys to remove you started off to him. Click to tuitear

Identification of websites where to secure the connection

It is certain that after a time (If you dedicate yourself to position webpages) you will more or less know in that websites interest to you to have your link if or if, for example in the directory Dmoz, the directory of Yahoo, directories Web of high ranking where it is easy to be able to give you of discharge (it looks for the best ones), article publication platforms, commentaries in blogs (Care with this, that they do not interpret to you as Spam, contributes value in your commentaries) channels RSS or forums specialized in your sector… but each project are different so to identify these directories and platforms Web he will be one of the first steps that you can give, but still is much more…

Spy to your competition

To spy on that it does your competition and knowledge sounds publish its articles or I connect aiming at its webpages will save long time to you, Open to siteexplorer is one of the so many tools that you can use for this aim, also you can directly use in the finder links:, will give back the connections to you that aim towards the Web which you have solicitd.

A Excell creates and aims the date of publication where you have been able to obtain your link and where it has not been possible, will help much the hour, of for example, to elaborate a report, on the other hand you must optimize the contents of your Web so that your campaigns are effective.

Taken care of with enclaces that you create

You do not obtain 60 I connect a day and the week following no, there are lost time in identifying the quality sites where to publish so it expands a little in the time your strategy and analyzes the results, if it is necessary it creates a publication calendar and it analyzes as they generate traffic towards your webpage and as “jumps� in your SEO.

The social networks evidently will be a pillar more in your strategy, the natural thing is to secure connections in social networks, blogs, forums, etc… what it cannot be is that you obtain 100 I connect in social networks and no blog connects to you, tries that your strategy has balance, uses the common sense.

Diversity of ANCHOR TEXT

Text uses anchor diversity, famous the synonymous ones that explained at the beginning of the post.
On the other hand I do not like the purchase of connections, you do not have the control than beams and what happens? That one week you obtain 500 I connect (God knows where) and To the week following nothing? WARNING! I believe that he is better to open you to the world and to obtain even friendly collaborators and of your sector that connects to you of natural way.

The connections type “puncture here�, “more information�, “visit their Web� or simply “here� they must comprise of your anchor text to use, all the users are not going to you to connect by I finish key that you want, some will connect to you here by “kitchen mhelp� or “this visits this Web� is called NATURALNESS.

  • Identification of excellent sites where to secure your connection.
  • To spy that it makes the competition.
  • It points profits and failures.
  • Publication calendar.
  • Analytical of changes.
  • Diversity of anchor text.
  • Social networks.

In order to finish this post saying you that you do not forget to analyze all landingpages, to know how the users arrive at your content and through which platforms do it he is indispensable, Google Analytics uses or Quantcast so that any data does not escape to you, whatever more information you have available more crossing will have your strategies.

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