From the tools SEO, the professionals of the sector deduce what action perfectly to undertake so that the positioning Web of its company does not lose bellows. With regard to the optimization Web we will offer here the best comparative of tools SEO to you so that you deepen in its knowledge and you know which to choose at every moment, following the parameters that you want to examine.

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Google Analytics

It has been designed to understand the behavior of your visits (also denominated sessions). 100% are gratuitous and allow to see the duration of each of them, the rate by ricochet, the received typology of traffic or the main geographic areas of influence. As newness, the data were introduced recently multidevice to examine not only pages, but also applications for multiple Web and mobiles or devices.

Majestic SEO

One is used to examine retail backlinks of your page, a task essential in the positioning strategy Web to explain who connects to you. Recently, the Topical has been introduced Flow Trust, that reveals from 0 to 10 the confidence that inspires the Web where it is including a connection to your page. As you know, Google awards the reputation and confidence online facing climbing in the positioning of the finder. This functionality is not gratuitous: it is required to belong to the platform; for this reason, the Silver Plan is due to contract who, in addition, allows to unload information on backlinks a determined top, which can be increased if the tariff is increased. The external gratuitous version as soon as it throws information on backlinks and referred domains.

You want to know other tools SEO? in addition we showed to techniques SEO to you so that you prevail in Internet.


It is the tool of analytical Web of Amazon. It provides information on the number of visits that your site receives and it classifies it in a ranking. In addition, it provides a graph of very simple interpretation to observe the growth or decrease of your sessions. By less than 13 Euros to the month, Alexa offers equally historical of engagement, metric social or external liaisons. By 1,030 monthly Euros it reveals the key words of greater influence or the evolution of the organic positioning without limit.


It is used to obtain an objective and general vision of your Web. Diagnostic and it proposes advice practical to improve the positioning of your page. It examines the amount and origin of the traffic, in addition to the popularity of your site in social networks. Their payment plans offer very competitive prices.

PageSpeed Insights

One is endorsed by Google. It informs on the speed of load of your page, on if the images are compressed correctly, on if exists some element that the correct visualization prevents or if they are adapted for movable devices, this tool will give much information you on the optimization of your webpage, ten in account that also you must optimize contents so that all this aligned perfectly.

All these tools SEO shed good light to optimize the yield of the strategy in digital marketing.

SEO tools

You, as good SEO: with which you remain?

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