How to position your webpage in Google, this it is the greater challenge of your business.

After the last changes in the algorithms of Google, first Panda, later Penguin with its 2,1 update and lately Hummingbird, the SEO has returned to give a turn.

Now the quality exigency is greater, your articles, announcements and post (linkbuilding) meticulously is reviewed by these algorithms, so how we can position a webpage and be successful?

Well, we raise our strategy and we see how we can “attack? our contained competition creating of value to be able to climb in the results search of Google.

Audit Web

By means of the audit we will analyze our website and we will discover which are the pros and the cons, our weak strength and, exist tools of analyses that can give very useful tracks you as Woorank, Open Site Explorer, Semrush or Metricspot (gratuitous and very similar to Woorank), these analyses are essential to detect your problems of optimization and to improve them quickly.

I personally use Semrush, a brilliant tool to make your audits.


Optimization of the website

The following step that you must give is to optimize your website, wastes time in writing up unique content “and of quality? but what means of quality? I will put an example to you:

Incorrect example:
“We make webpages for all type of business, attractive and easy to use, call these to us near which your webpage attracts visitors?

Correct example:
“We created navigable webpages usables highly and, adapting us to the guides of quality of google, securing greater visibility in finders, in addition we advised to him in the writing of the contents of your website and analyzed the state of your profiles and fanpages in networks sociles?. This content would be necessary to complement it with internal links towards ours landing page where we offer more information or with other outsourcing to our complementary website of quality.

In a post previous “How to improve the SEO of your webpage? we explained some basic actions of optimization that you can take to end quickly.

PageSpeed Insights de Google uses to optimize the speed of your Web, if you use WordPress, exist plugins as Total Breaks or Super It breaks that it optimizes the yield of your website, doing it but fast, nor to say has if you have the opportunity to implement a CDN, do it, you will increase the speed of your Web until a 30%.

You do not forget search the differentiation with your competition and that the best optimization is to adapt to you of the guide of optimization of Google and not to infringe them, careful.


Social profiles

It creates your profiles and fanpages in the different social networks, you must use Google+ (every time with more weight in SEO), Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin at least, although other sites as Pinterest or Tumblr every time advances more and must investigate and not leave them of side. Relate, you look for thematic groups to you and you share the contents of quality of your website, participate and you be done a “hollow? in the thematic communities to your niche, quickly you will see compensated the time inverted in creating them.

Internal link building and connected

Building link, this step is important, it even continues weighing much the links that aim towards our webpage, but… now amount prioritizes the quality it, so it prepares a strategy of coherent and mainly natural Linkbuilding, you cannot generate 300 links in social networks and to have 2 links in articles or announcements, thinks carefully before creating your connections and looks for the sites with more authority to try to include them, but they also ten in account that you must generate connections in sites with Web with less coherent authority so that your campaign of Linkbuilding is interpreted by Google as “natural? and.

If you want to know but on since making link building we recommended the reading to you of our post “Since to make natural link building? I do not commit errors and your project takes off.

By all means you will have to connect your contents internally, Google it will index better your webpage and it will know that pages are but the important ones of your site, in addition will help you to position the terms search that more interest by means of the anchor text to you that you assign to the connections, an advice, I always do not connect with the same anchor text, uses synonymous, ample the semantics of your website and you will arrive at but usuary.

“It thinks well your strategy and you do not leave her?.
Creative, it investigates and it analyzes, you will obtain better results.

If you have liked this post, very we would be been thankful of which you just a little bit shared it and you spread of knowledge. THANKS!

How to position your Web in Google
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