The majority of the blogs is positioned thanks to the fact that they have published content of quality, are extended habitually with new entrances, etc… being interesting for the finders, but the majority correctly is not optimized.

Because to lose possible clients or readers?

We begin by the principle, to consider a strategy beginning SEO will help us much, as much in the optimization as in the later positioning of our Blog or webpage, the new exigencies of the world online cause that the companies need to position themselves or will be led the failure.

  • A thematic one chooses on which it treated your blog or Web.
  • It studies the niche and the competition (“spy? its key words).
  • It chooses a domain and lodging, assures you that the Web with www and if www aims at the same site, if it does not do it can be interpreted as duplicated content.
  • A CMS, WordPress chooses is a good alternative, it adapts the guides of quality of Google and has an ample community behind.

Ten in account that the finders read your Web/blog of above - down and Left to right, reason why the titles (with H1 labels, H2…) they deberan to be placed in these zones.

If you want to deepen in the optimization for SEO, you we explained it everything in “How to optimize articles for SEO “, your post completely will be optimized and will position far better.

It optimizes the metadata

  • Title: up to 60 characters and it uses the key words that you want to position.
  • Description: up to 160 Characters and using key words as always.
  • Keywords: Every time they have less importance, but you do not use more than 10.
  • All the titles, descriptions and Keywords must be unique within the structure of your Web or Blog.

Content of quality

It creates quality content, always within the thematic one to which you go, if it is possible creates 1 key weekly entrance at least and using terms (without going). I advise to you that you use Google Suggets to remove an index than they look for the users with reference to your terms more nails, this way you will know that you must speak in your articles and in addition you will be able to use long tail to be able to position to you in terms nails of less competition. Another tool that you can use to increase semantics of your articles is Answer the public, visits it is brilliant.

search suggest

Web with the social networks Shareaholic uses plugins to connect your blog/is an option, in addition SEO as All in SEO for WordPress or the famous Yoast uses plugins. It investigates this section, is plugins that you can facilitate the task.

Social Average

It spreads your contents by the different social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ at least, others as Linkedin is very interesting to spread your content by specialized groups.
It participates actively with your followers and with the profiles or pages that you follow, the relations with other professionals created alliances that can come to you very well in the future, you do not forget it.
Social Bookmarking uses (Delicius, Digg, Tumblr…). These are some of the keys that can let grow your Web or Blog, but remembers that the certainty and the daily effort are essential in this world SEO.

Much luck!

How to improve the SEO of your Web
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