positioning Web

The SEO consists of conducting battle, strategies and techniques to obtain that a webpage appears in the first positions within the results of a finder, in relation to a series of words or terms.
One of the main aspirations of all webpage is to appear in the first positions of Google, that in our country supposes more of 93% of the searches, without having to resort to the service of payment by “click? (I connect sponsored of Google).

For it positioning techniques are used that imply the optimization of the page and its “socialization? in Internet with other pages. These techniques, and their relevance to improve the positioning Web, is diverse and cambiantes based on the continuous evolution of the finders.


• A remarkable increase of the positions of its Web in Google and finders.
• Greater visibility of its products and services in Internet.
• To improve the positions with respect to its competition.
• To harness the image name brand of its company.
• To increase the qualified traffic to its Web.
• To generate confidence and credibility to the usuary ones on its company or service.


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