Lately we received requests of the type “I want to appear first in google “, and if… it is possible, but you do not create that there is a red little button to which punctures and already! not…

… this does not work thus, the only guarantee that you have of being able to appear in the first positions of Google is working monthly and following the quality directives that offer Google to us.

Positioning Web in Google

Certainty + intelligent work = first positions in Google

We happen to explain some actions that we thought are essential as far as SEO:

It optimizes your website, it follows the guides of optimization of Google, watches the speed of load, the key words, EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT!
but mainly it thinks well the content of your Web, thinks the thematic one to which you orient yourself and spends time in writing up it correctly (you do not write up for machines). it is not happened to you to make action of Black Hut, sooner or later will penalize to you.

It on Facebook creates social profiles, Twitter, Linkedin and Google extra, and uses them! whatever but diffusion has your contents to but people you will arrive.

He is very useful to integrate a blog in your Web and to introduce a pair of entrances monthly (at least), they ten in account that these entrances also were positioned in Google and possibly they can share them other people.

All the actions that we commented previously are basic to be able to get to choose to a good SEO.

You will have to monitor the results search of the different criteria that you are positioning, a good beginning to do this can be Majestic SEO, gives useful information that it can guide to you.

It remembers:
Certainty + intelligent work = first positions in Google


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