Social usability, design Web, networks and positioning Web, these are the four keys of the success.

USABILITY. It at great length studies all that with the usability of your webpage, structures it correctly, it uses color codes to guide the users by your site, is important to know in what elements “click? can be done and in as not in a first look, you do not repeat content and thinks well to what public objective you want to arrive.
Ponte in the skin of the user and tries to think and to sail since it would do it.

DESIGN WEB. The design Web helps to the understanding of the contents as the improvement us of the navigability, a good designer Web must consider many factors that go very bound to the usability Web and to search engine optimization, clarity, security and a good structuring of the design they are key.

SOCIAL NETWORKS. Every time the social networks, to twitter, Facebook, linkedin, foursquare, pinterest, etc are fashionable but no longer it is only important to interact in social networks at “social? level or of entertainment but also that concerning positioning Web, nowadays it is more and more important for the main web search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing… that consider as of popular it is a website in social networks to determine his positions in the natural results of his searches (SEO).

POSITIONING WEB. Everybody wants to position itself in the first places of the results of the finders, but he is not so simple, it is a constant work and almost daily in which you cannot become weak, work and certainty will give the results that you look for to you, you are not hopeless, the first rule of the SEO is the PATIENCE although your clients do not have so much.

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Advice: he creates a version for movable devices

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4 factors of success in Internet
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