A text SEO has the purpose of helping to the website to position itself visibly within the quoted finders more as Google, Yahoo! or Bing, the text writing Web must be oriented to the optimization of the content and structures of the site to be able to approach the first places search. Next we presented 5 basic rules to optimize texts SEO.

  • It locates the key words of its site.

It is necessary to locate the key words of the site that wishes to position and to verify that these have an ample volume search. For this aim it can use the tool of keyword of Google, that will give to an idea near the reality of the volume search and volume him of results. To use the correct key words will help him to improve the positioning of its page but also will allow that the more usuary they accede to its site.

  • To orient the content Web in relation to the key words.

The text writing Web must go oriented towards the key words, in this way can be updated the content of the site with informative articles, the news, leaves of information of services, etc. The key words must appear in the content of natural form.
For example, in the structure of an article, the key words can be located strategically in the title, the description, the first paragraph of the article.

  • Structure of the content.

The text writing Web requires a structure different from the one from other average forms. Due to the enormous amount of information that the user finds when sailing in the Web, he is indispensable that each page offers dynamism, new features and quality content so that it remains in her, visits it later and it recommends it between his contacts. An adapted structure for a post must take introduction, body of the article and conclusion. In the introduction it can introduce the keyword and make a brief summary than it treats the text.

  • Legible content for all class of user.

It tries “to speak the same language? that the potential users of their page, but do not use too many technicalities as so that visitors who do not know much on the subject of their site feel comfortable visiting their site. It avoids the colloquial language, the ambiguous expressions and the extreme technicalities.

  • To only use original contents.

In the Web it is very common to find sites with repeated contents. In addition to it turns bad, to copy texts of other websites demonstrates deficiency of ideas and respect by the work of other colleagues. In addition the repeated texts are not seen favorably for the algorithms of the finders, reason why the sites of bad quality will be descending in the positions.

source: www.seo-simple.com.mx

Text writing rules SEO
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