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No longer it is enough to have presence in Internet, also has to optimize and to position our webpage in the first places of the main finders, GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING… and to spread our contents by the different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest…) so that our project is successful.

We will analyze his website we will optimize it to the maximum, improving his speed of load, density of key words, metadata, compression of CSS and JS, etc… once secured we will begin with the positioning Web SEO, creating campaigns of Linkbuilding previously studied to secure the naturalness that the finders solicit.


Our plans of positioning Web

Our plans of positioning Web contemplate the study of key words (Keywords) adapted to the content proposed in their webpage for the correct election of the criteria search, analyses SEO of their website, modification of the descriptions and titles of all the URLs that compose their website and advising specialized in the optimization of their webpage.

It secures to major visibility in finders contracting one of our plans SEO.

All the positioning plans Web they contemplate the following services:

  • Audit SEO
  • Study of key words
  • SEO OnPage
  • Creation of sitemap.xml
  • Creation of robots.txt
  • Use of tools of webmaster.
  • Optimization of metadata.
  • Analysis¬†of competition online.
  • Key words of opportunity
  • semantic amplitude
  • Building link

We were in charge of the discharge in finders of its webpage using the tools of webmaster that they offer the own web search engines, by which we were able to correctly optimize and to communicate to the finders all the URL of our Web by means of the shipment of archives as sitemap.xml and robots.txt

Google analytics

SEO, Optimization Search Engine, that is to say, ‚ÄėOptimization for web search engines ‚Äė. It consists of applying diverse techniques to obtain that¬†the finders of Internet locate certain webpage in a position and high category (first positions) for certain terms search.

The work is ample and continuous, since the positioning Web involves to the code of programming, design, content, popularity and to the use of social networks, is a constant work month to month, that at the end of the way begins to give results.

In customseopackages to you we are conscious of the importance that from the companies with presence in Internet at the moment occurs to the positioning Web him, for this reason, we offer and we recommended this service to all our clients.

Without deceits

Our equipment will advise to him at the time of choosing the most suitable terms to optimize the positioning in the finders. Not we can to promise him first position because not it seems serious us, since the factors are many that take part in the final result, among them their competition and the own web search engines, but we can assure to him that it will raise remarkably in positions and that this service will be to him profitable.

What includes?

  • Study of the competition¬†online.
  • Study of key words.
  • Hierarchy of URLs.
  • Optimization of metadata (it puts tittle and it puts description)
  • Optimization of the website.¬†We propose changes to realise as far as programming, contents and use of labels H1, H2 and H3.
  • Connected internal.
  • Campaigns of LinkBuilding.
  • Pursuit and evolution of the terms search and possible changes according to tendencies.
  • Monthly ranking.

Advantages SEO

  • A remarkable increase of the positions of its Web in Google and finders.
  • Greater visibility of its products and services in Internet.
  • To improve the positions with respect to its competition.
  • To harness the image name brand of its company.
  • To increase the qualified traffic to its Web.
  • To generate confidence and credibility to the usuary ones on its company or service.
  • Return of the investment (ROI).

It can interest to him…

plans SEO

  • Without permanence
  • It attracts qualified Traffic
  • High yield
  • It obtains more clients
  • Greater visibility of its products
  • We harness the image name brand of its company

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