It announces its company in Google

Whatever its budget, can publish its announcements in Google and in his advertising network and it will only pay if the users click in their announcements.


We create his account Google ADS and announcement according to the Google norm, later you decide whatever you want to invest.

  • Creation of Landing Pages.
  • Identification of the competitive advantages and objectives.
  • Configuration of objectives in Google Analytics.
  • Creation of campaigns and groups of announcements of key words.
  • Segmentation of campaign.
  • Extensions of announcements.
  • Writing of announcements in accordance with the publishing norms of Adwords.
  • Analysis of the websites of the competition.
  • Election of excellent pages of destiny with respect to its announcement.
  • Optimization of the more excellent key words.
  • Study of negative key words.
  • Adjustment of the costs by click of the words that offer better results.
  • Campaigns of REMARKETING.

The campaign will be active (visible outstanding announcement in Google Adwords) in a period inferior to 72h once contracted the campaign. We assure some immediate results. Initially the campaign will be active during a complete month from the day in which it is contracted, (due to the budget the campaign can be but extensive or but short) adapted time to verify its effectiveness and to evaluate the results on the part of our clients.

Their announcements appear in Google

When the users realise in Google a search keying one of their key words, its announcement can appear next to the results of the search. Consequently, its publicity is directed only to a public receptive and interested in you.

It is able to catch clients

The users can click in their announcement to realise a purchase or to obtain more data on their company. That simple.

On Google ADS

The program of Google ADS (Adwords) is the greater program of publicity of web search engines in the world, at the moment used by thousands of businesses of any size. The announcements in Google ADS allow that the companies can be announced at the same moment that the users are looking for a product or specific service and its yield is perfectly quantifiable, since the clients only pay when somebody clicks in its announcement.

Advantages of Google ADS

The intention of Google is to offer the possible most effective publicity to all the companies, whatever its any size. Our commitment consists of helping him to cover the buying needs with its clients. For it, we make its available:
The possibility of finding users interested in its product or service, the absolute control of its budget dedicated to advertising aims, simple methods to create and to publish its announcements, the advantage to see its announcements published in Google only some minutes after them have created.

Google ADS offers uninterrupted access to him to detailed information on the yield with which it will be able to analyze the efficiency of his advertising campaigns.

We create his campaigns of Google ADS.

It only pays by clicks that receives!


  • Groups of announcements
  • Segmentation
  • You choose the investment
  • Traffic of quality
  • Optimization of key words

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