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If you are of that it continues thinking that the social networks are things of ninis or milenials, perhaps this post makes see the light you and begin to question to you how your company or business is present in them.

Because to sell in social networks it is in height. Is not to publish any […]

Maintenance Web WordPress Of what it consists? How much it costs?

In many occasions companies and startups they arrive at a point in which the necessity arises to digitize its company and to create its webpage, normally to save costs develop it in WordPress, without having many knowledge on the maintenance Web and everything what entails, in what consists or how much it costs.

Next we go to […]

The digital anachronism or why so many companies do not have webpage

If Leonardo da Vinci, Julio Verne and other visionaries of long ago returned to our time, the hands would lie down at the top. Just like Marty McFly if such day landed in Spain as today; he would think that the one Of Lorean has been confused of date.

What] has been of that future […

6 advice of marketing for Generation Z in social networks

The been born ones between years 1995 and 2012 are considered as Generation Z. ambitious People and tremendously together with to the technology and the change. In addition, they are the first generation that has lived all the life with the use on Internet and the mobile phones.

For the companies, Generation Z is a world of opportunities […]

Design Web responsive, tools and groups

You cannot wait for more, the market moves more and more fast towards the movable devices, reason why to have a website responsive is totally essential.

What is a Web responsive?

Design Web responsive is a technique of design Web used for the correct visualization of images, texts, videos… in movable devices, Smartphone, tablets… obtaining […]

Pon your e-commerce in full dress for Christmas (part II)

If you have already bought tenth of lottery of Christmas, but there are no preparation your virtual showcase to sell as crazy person, kind the advice who we offer to you in DĂ©cimoarte.

Christmases have transferred their showcase to Internet. In these dates the increase in the exchange of information and especially the purchases in e-commerce grow each […]

The Landing Page practices to generate benefits

Black Friday, Christmas, Reductions… the competition is going to be ferocious in these dates. The triumph of your e-commerce it is only question of a click and to apply to strategies and tools that are within reach of all. One of them is the design of landing pages. We explained to you what] is […

Pon your e-commerce in full dress for Christmas (part I)

Christmas for many companies begins in the month of August, among them pastry shops and manufacturers of typical candies, travel agencies, companies of technology, etc. For the rest, as consumers, possibly it is to us difficult to do us to the idea or to put to us in situation when we are to about 40 degrees and (hopefully) enjoying […]

m-commerce the king of the tendencies for the sales online

The technology puts to the service of the stores and new businesses online to traverse of smartphones. If your e-commerce needs to give the great jump thinks to great and point you at m-commerce.

The purchases online are universalised and grown of meteoric form with new possibilities in order to catch clients and to obtain immediate benefits. […]

the Cross-average marketing: Power your business online

To have an attractive Web is not sufficient to obtain good results. We explained the bases to you to create a good strategy online for your company or business.

In post previous we have set out the main keys and reasons to initiate or to improve your presence online. Nowadays, to have a Web is not only sufficient. Marketing now […]

Advice to webmáster to create your Web of zero

If we have been able to convince in previous post to send to you to you to create your new and flaming Web of company, pon attention in the following tips that we offer to you from customseopackages envelope to you what and how you must plan before putting the first element.


Web of company or lies down online

Based on your type business or commercial activity you must […]

Based on your needs, you can choose what type of hosting do you need. For example, you can use dedicated server cheapest if you want your website to be hosted exclusively. Other than that, you can also use web hosting with unlimited storage because you dont need to worry about the storage anymore. Or, there is also best cheap vps hosting that you can consider using because it is really helpful.

Tips and action to obtain the best design of your new Web of company

It is the moment for sending you to the world online or for renewing to you and in to customseopackages to you we offer the steps to you to do it successfully. You can also use vps hosting wordpress if you are interested in it.  Because it doesnt only help your WordPress but other things as well.

In our previous post To position themselves or to die: the new exigencies for companies in the universe online, we clarified to some disadvantages and the handicap that suppose for the companies the fact to maintain an obsolete Web or […]