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To position themselves or to die: the new exigencies for companies in the universe online

To invest in positioning and updating your Web of company is the new tendency and exigency to survive in the future businesses.

Many companies that still consider if he is advisable or not to be updated in the universe online or - the one that is more serious do not count on commercial Web, does not know that […]

In what languages it must be my store online?

Our friendly of Okodia, agency of translation, us have facilitated advice who you must consider at the time of translating your store online, thanks for your collaboration with customseopackages to you.

“In what language must be my store online� She is one of the questions that we more listened in Okodia in the projects to translate ecommerce and […]

Techniques and tools SEO 2019

Positioning Web SEO is advancing practically on a daily basis, as if it was a sprout that is happening through all the phases of life, is born, becomes a boy, later adolescent and now an adult that tell you as making the things and if them beams good do not punish to you, […]

It takes care of the images of your store online and sells more

Prepared your is store online to sell more?

The purchases online are increased according to the season of the year in which we are, for example in Christmases, but you cannot let pass the opportunity and to be preparation for other important dates of the calendar, the following ten in account to have your ecommerce optimized for your clients:

As installing plugins in WordPress

WordPress has become one of the managers of used contents more at the time of creating a webpage, with its gratuitous platform you can be created a blog easily, normally comes almost everything installed and you do not have to touch nothing else, simply to put to you to write your articles, that easy, but and if you want […]

The importance of the maintenance Web and advising online

Speaking with a client, I have realized of which the new companies need not only to have “a good� Web but they also need advising on as impelling his business online, or its webpage, blog or store online, to impel a website, not only are to create social networks, to do a blog to you and to share […]

5 keys to improve your positioning Web

Search engine optimization has become something essential so that your website secures visibility, therefore visits and major capacity to secure conversions, but what key takes to us to position to us in front of our competition.

Next we will see 5 keys that will contribute to improve your positioning Web once optimized your blog […]

Social networks: happened and future

It is evident that the social networks have had a great impact as much in the enterprise scope as personal. The advances in the technological and digital field have caused that the number of users increases, year after year, and that their use is every more habitual day. In this sense, he is interesting to review his evolution: from its incios and the present time and to venturing themselves to foretell what a next future will provide. […]

The best calling card, your webpage

As you know well, nowadays if you do not have a webpage in conditions is possible that you lose new possibilities of business, but what is a webpage in conditions? Next we give some keys you so that your “calling card� is what your potential clients hope themselves to find. […]

Tiered link building in positioning Web SEO

“Tiered link building� is what commonly pyramid of connections� or “link is called “building of levels�. And it is one of the positioning techniques extended and forceful Web SEO more.

If you want to understand a little better how link works tiered building, a clear and concise definition would be the construction of connections by levels, that is to say, is to be diversifying backlinks in different type from layers, trying who harnesses the link flow juice. Often facing a positioning strong Web, the best thing is to design a meticulous strategy and very thought. […]

TIC-TAC! you do your Web “Mobile Friendly�

According to Google in its Official Blog of Webmaster, Finding has announced dwells mobile-friendly search results, the Web that is optimized to us for movable devices can see affected their positions in their index, this already is a reality, so better to come up than to cure truth.

How to optimize articles for SEO

Hallelujah! You have already been able to write your fabulous text to prevail in Internet, but you publish and… nothing, passes nothing, and you ask yourself But is my article brilliant and differentiator? NO? Why it doesn't position well in the index of Google? I have done something badly? … Your article is surely not optimized for SEO.

This happens more and than you can be imagined, to prevail with your articles is difficult and tedious, but to consider certain you rule and positioning strategies Web at the time of creating your publications will help you to that Google wants to you just a little bit more, you will not get to be loving, but it will do ojitos to you. […]