If you are of that it continues thinking that the social networks are things of ninis or milenials, perhaps this post makes see the light you and begin to question to you how your company or business is present in them.

Because to sell in social networks it is in height. One is not to publish any thing and to all hours. Now you must raise to you very well where, how and when you publish, your hearing and to be very pending of its opinion and commentaries.

Many companies and professionals are skeptics on the opportunities that the marketing of the social networks offers us. To leave your Web to the luck, without positioning and no wink in networks, neither a content to way the news or blog, nor nothing to present to you beyond your virtual showcase are as betting everything to a letter. And to lose.

The explanation is well simple. We speak of a physical business, a store or commerce. It has a good showcase at least or a showy poster. But publicity with some needs to be made from time to time flyers (to design them, to print them, to distribute them), to announce its supplies and to tell him to its clients “I am here? and of some form to present its products or services each person, hoping that they recommend to him. It is translated in an amount of time, money and effort. But it is reversed in it because it is a traditional route.

Now we transferred it to Internet. You have your showcase that is your Web, but cannot hope to that Google emplaces you first between thousands of competitors, more powerful and than they have invested to long time and money in being Number one. Nevertheless, there are forms to be able to be made a hollow at local level or positioning itself in which others have not done. And soon they are the social networks that you can use them to make publicity so many times as you want and almost FREE. Yes, almost free because they also ask to you that you invest in your positioning as a announcements, new followers. One is not to spend hundreds of Euros. With small campaigns great results can be obtained. It is necessary to do it well, knowing your hearing, looking for the support of your followers and to conquer not only with your services and products, but also with your side touching and near your potential clients and looking for support of all your organization. In networks it is necessary to be generous: it shares and you will be shared;).



One of the tendencies in marketing that is going to prevail in 2019 (although already comes it doing for some years) is instant commerce. And why it is so important? Because he is verified that the consumers look for a experience of instantaneous purchase. Thanks to Internet and the immediacy we took less time in deciding a purchase or a decision related to the consumption. I want it, I look for it and I buy, is dynamics.

When we bought we want it at the moment and this new necessity has caused that many great companies and Marketplace have put all their persistence is to improve the logistics and the fast deliveries.

How influence does the purchase by impulse or instant commerce in the Web?

The purchase by impulse has been restored in many e-commerce. Webpages, movable platforms of sale and applications have developed own strategies to obtain that the consumer buys without thinking or that does not leave the store without becoming and so came search and something more.

The social networks, especially platforms as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, have known to catch this new opportunity of business. YouTube even has including recently the purchases within the descriptions of the videos.

In fact Facebook after several crises is of the networks that better have known to orient commercially their advertising spaces and tools for the commercial profiles or of company.

The same has happened to Pinterest that to be a dedicated platform to share contents has happened to incorporate processes of sale through denominated visual commerce.

Meaning that no longer it is enough with having a webpage or e-commerce attractive but the effort of the sale it must be based first on a good positioning Web and contents, without forgetting the support in social networks that provide a powerful hearing to us to sell. The social networks would come to be as a “telesales? with emission the 24 hours of the day with an effectiveness greater than flyer per hour for a minimum of 1,000 units that would come to cost some to us 15-20€ and, altogether we would be “saving? hundreds of Euros to the day or the month. Consequently, why not to invest a minimum of 100€ to the month in social networks?

Only a pair of data on the matter: in 2017 the 500 main distributors at world-wide level they gained thanks to the social sale or selling more than 6,500 million dollars. And the other data is that the influence of the social networks for the purchase is placed according to the strip of age between 50 and more of 70%, although this year possibly surpasses it. It is to send itself, or no?



Unfortunately (and luckily it stops in some cases for us) many companies, commerces and professionals do not count on a profile in social networks or this one is not on sale focused or promotion of its products or services. The majority is to the drift for want of time or with contents of low quality that they do not attract new clients or who only count on I it likes of near followers (used, friendly, familiar). And soon after, they die.

In Décimoarte we offer some tips to remove the maximum party to you to your social networks, although already you know that you can resort to apply professional techniques and to spend the time that it requires to obtain results:

  1. It spends time (that sometimes does not tell to many companies or professionals for these things) search quality followers and to catch to your objective hearing. One is not numbers and to have thousands of followers, but those that they have are potential clients.
  2. Your social networks are not your Web. The social networks are a tool of diffusion of your Web, but what interests it is that they simply direct to traffic towards your page and your products for the purchase or so that they fill in a contact form. You do not forget that first a good design is fundamental responsive (adapted to mobiles) and a good positioning (will interest to you to read our post To position themselves or to die: the new exigencies for companies in the universe online).
  3. It marks a calendar month to month of what you want to promote. It can be an event (as the anniversary of your company or business), a festive or important date for sale (San Valentin, Easter) or simply a supply that you want to program (aim of existence, 2×1, black friday).
  4. Constant in publications. It marks a frequency that you are able to fulfill. Don't mention it they serve 5 or 10 publications in the same day, if soon you are several days or even weeks without saying nothing. You do not bomb either to your hearing since they could penalize to you as Spam.
  5. It uses visual resources and it deals with not repeating the same content or the same image. Also it uses some small video that is the double of effective which an image for the sale.
  6. It looks for the participation of your hearing. It responds to its commentaries amiably and it animates to that they give its opinion or they label to you or they mention of positive form in its contents.
  7. You do not forget to connect to your Web or to the products that promotions.
  8. It tries to derive the consultations, complaints or claims to the channels of attention to the client (telephone, email, form Web). You do not turn the networks into a plank of incidences.
  9. And as always it shares contents of your clients, suppliers and of your followers.
  10. And as we already come saying power contained with an investment in publicity in networks although she is small to arrive better at your hearing and new clients.

In next post we will tell you how to improve the results of sale in social networks by means of publicity and some useful tools.

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