In many occasions companies and startups they arrive at a point in which the necessity arises to digitize its company and to create its webpage, normally to save costs develop it in WordPress, without having many knowledge on the maintenance Web and everything what entails, in what consists or how much it costs.

Next we are going to clarify to any type of doubt on the maintenance Web, we go to it.

The importance of the maintenance Web.

After to have made a good investment in your website you need to have everything in sequence and to take a periodic control of all the files, archives and security, is here where the maintenance Web has great importance you would entrust yourself as client of a webpage that has security problems? or you would trust a Web that contains broken connections or distorted images? As company in addition to losing a visit, is possible that also you lose a client.

maintenance Web WordPress

Of little utility it is to have a webpage very made and worked yes with time we have within her out of date data or we do not know anything of the behavior of the users who visit it, if we cannot implement new improvements, services and functionalities we will not secure the wished contacts.


Of what the maintenance service consists Web.

The maintenance Web requires some essential tasks, we have made a listing of tasks that we thought that they are optimal for a correct maintenance Web:

  • First it is the security, it is necessary to eliminate any vulnerability of our website or to at least activate filters that guarantee it.
  • Backup copy creation, if it is a webpage with constant modifications we advised at least one weekly backup copy.
  • Allocation from permissions to the archives lodged in your hosting with special attention to the file htaccess.
  • Correction of errors and repair of broken connections.
  • Revision of the correct operation of all the functionalities of the website.
  • Revision of sitemap.xml and robots.txt
  • Optimization of the speed of load.
  • Revision of the correct operation of forms and subscriptions.
  • Update of services and products.
  • In the case of WordPress, update of subjects and plugins as well as of the own CMS.
  • Installation of the code of Google Analytics Google Search console to be able to monitor all the data that the users let behind S.A. sail by your website.
  • Revision of metadata, the titles and descriptions that we contributed ours urls are very important so that Google and the users interpret correctly that they are going to be, in addition can increase your CTR and position to you better.

All these tasks guarantee the correct operation of a webpage, and allowing the correct one working to all the strategies that are being carried out in her, pick up of leads, landing pages or positioning Web.

Better safe than sorry you don't create?


How much a correct maintenance costs Web

To see, is necessary here to apply a little sense common, in customseopackages to you usually we offer this service from 20€/mes, although if it is wanted a more advanced maintenance you can be gone to 30€/hora following the revisions, updates of contents, repairs or corrections that there are to apply, another quite habitual solution is the purchase of stock market hours of maintenance, that if there is to detail very well that it is what is going away to take to end.

maintenance wordpress

Following the embergadura of the project it can be but expensive to review everything, reason why normally the price will raise, but as you tenth a basic maintenance with backup copies, update of plugins, Themes and WordPress would not have to cost more than 20/25€ month.


Practical cases that they can come to you well

Insolvent updates of plugins

What I can do if plugin that I finish updating in my webpage realised in WordPress has created a conflict and is certain functionalities that do not work correctly?

In this case we recommended to you to return to the previous version from plugin, if you do not know how to do it we recommended this plugin to you WP Rollback, you have available all the previous versions of plugin that did not work to you correctly, by the way, tries to update plugin to plugin not all simultaneously, therefore it is easier to you to identify a possible problem.

plugins WordPress


Problems with Gutenberg (the new publisher of WordPress)

With the last update of WordPress it comes installed Gutenberg (its new publisher), who, in some versions of certain subjects annuls his publisher, which is a great problem because you cannot modify or structure your contents, the solution also exists, plugin No-Gutenberg call, installs it and you will be able to continue publishing the contents with the publisher of blocks of your subject.

publisher wordpress Gutenberg


Insolvent updates of WordPress

If you are determined to update your WordPress to the last version we recommended to you that before you as much make a backup copy of the data base as of the archives so that you can restore it yes something leaves bad. We recommend plugin XCloner with which you easily will be able to restore version of WordPress.

Backup copies with Xcloner

This process can also be done via FTP or via servant, you would have to unload of the version to you of WordPress with whom you were working previously, once unloaded selects all the archives and folders except the WP-content folder, eliminate all the archives of the FTP except the mentioned folder and the WP-Config.php file, raises the version that you have unloaded, is very important that I do not touch the WP-content folder since if you eliminate it you will lose all contents as well as the WP-Config.php file that your data base with your WordPress connects.



As you see the maintenance Web has a great importance in the future immediate of your website, you must always maintain a certain control and some you rule to follow not to take a disagreeable surprise to you, so we advised you that you are pending of all these aspects of the maintenance of your webpage, if you think that you are not preparation to make it contract to anybody qualified one for this aim.

Maintenance Web WordPress Of what it consists? How much it costs?
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