Maintenance Web WordPress Of what it consists? How much it costs?

In many occasions companies and startups they arrive at a point in which the necessity arises to digitize its company and to create its webpage, normally to save costs develop it in WordPress, without having many knowledge on the maintenance Web and everything what entails, in what consists or how much it costs.

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As installing plugins in WordPress

WordPress has become one of the managers of used contents more at the time of creating a webpage, with its gratuitous platform you can be created a blog easily, normally comes almost everything installed and you do not have to touch nothing else, simply to put to you to write your articles, that easy, but and if you want […]

Plugins optimizes your WordPress with these 28

As we counted in our post previous where we spoke to you of best plugins of positioning for SEO in wordpress, today we would like to teach to you some plugin that they will help you to optimize your Web, and of this form you will be able to position better your Web in Google. To tell you that you do not have to use all simultaneously serious an ERROR! it chooses those that but interest to you and improves the yield of your Web.

It discovers that plugins is going to help to you to optimize your Wordpress?



Plugins SEO for WordPress

When you consider to begin a campaign of SEO in your own Web, SEO is a group of plugins that is fundamental if you use WordPress, of these elije a single plugin since they are incompatible to each other and on the other hand they realise the same functions.

You want to optimize your WordPress for SEO?

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9 of plugins WordPress for nascent

In Décimoarte we are specialized in the design of webpages and his positioning and thanks to it, often for social networks you have asked plugins to us that are more recommendable for WordPress. And and mainly more important, what type of plugins we recommended for people who do not have much experience nor knowledge in WordPress, which in addition they were easy to use and to install.


Why to use WordPress?

Nowadays the demand to create a webpage in WordPress is increasing, but for which this CMS has become so popular?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a system of management of contents (CMS) very intuitive and easy to use, if in addition you have knowledge […]