If Leonardo da Vinci, Julio Verne and other visionaries of long ago returned to our time, the hands would lie down at the top. Just like Marty McFly if such day landed in Spain as today; he would think that the one Of Lorean has been confused of date.

What has been of that galactic and prosperous future of technological cities, virtual transactions and flying vehicles? Little or nothing. All those projects are in the air but a century later we followed immersed in the technological clogging.

But, of whom or what it is the fault? Positions search guilty the answer could be that our imagination or the one of the futurist entrepreneurs flies faster than the times that run, reason why their projects do not find an immediate application. Perhaps it is that other more preservative or retrograde minds resist to the change and label all those advances as products of madness or science fiction.

It is not necessary to go away very far nor to conspiranoicas theories to understand our lack of adaptation. To put an example and, as the case that occupies to us is the one of the Web, we analyze what happens with Internet, how we used it and what yield we hoped of him.


The fault is of Internet

What was of that Internet that promised to us? Internet is the future, told us. In less than any type of transaction sings a rooster and management will be able to become online. Yes and no. is only necessary to see our Administration and the amount of managements no that form are to realise in the Web, reason why supposes hours of desperation finally to have to request appointment and to patiently wait for the turn as in a health center.


The purchases online the same. It cost to us to introduce our debit or credit card to buy what outside. He was not safe. Ebay and Amazon (among others) pushed to us to make it with more frequency to secure good supplies, although the giant of marketplace took in settling in our country, indeed for that reason. And other department store had to animate to us to buy with exclusive supplies online. Now those that are in the crest of the wave with his e-commerce, with much effort and a combination of positioning, promotion in social networks are many and digital marketing to coat. But it turned out us more convincing to imitate to that they were conceited to have acquired “chollazo by Internet� and to enter to see what was that.


The Web today since for 10 years

We happen to another level. What is of the Spanish companies? Any businessman or entrepreneur who reads this post will say “I I have Web, you do not look to me�. But he is not exclusively to already have a Web and, as which he has a rich aunt. Yes, you have it, but already we will see the inheritance that leaves you. That is to say, that many have a Web but does not know if it is adapted to mobiles (if he is responsive), if well it is positioned, not even they have collected never data of navigation, of the user experience, nor know what is that of remarketing.

Aaaamigo/a if your page does more than 10 years that they designed it and is still in Flash Player 8, whose manual serves to the developers to raise the screen of the computer. Forget to you, you do not have Web (nor possibly rich aunt). Google announces for its Chrome navigator who any element in Flash Player will stop being accessible for 2020 and Microsoft will give responso him in the middle of 2019. You little have left less than a year to solve it. Apple already rejected it in 2007 for iPhone and so the pages in this format are not loaded. A little more 8% of the Webs follow in Flash, and all must be in Spain. But not only that, also we are suspensions in security and near 70% of the Webs they follow without https.

Web Flash disappears

Our campaign for Web redesign flash


Emptiness in the Web and the anachronism in the companies

How many clients have requested us to throw vistacillo to him to that Web and when it give them the diagnosis comes the surprise. Neither positioned, nor nothing. Plugin installed SEO and goes that it shoots. And the following question is: How much it is going to me to cost? Not much, but see it as an investment. That is to say, the word investment and begins to give slowly little steps backwards. “More ahead perhaps, already I was spent in this as much…�. Good bye my friend, Arrivederci, Our to revoir.

Your webpage must be responsive or adapted to all the movable devices so that it is sailed correctly by her, it consults our post on design Web responsive and finds out to you all the necessary one.

The worse one of the cases is not that one. The worse one of the cases is the one of many professionals and companies that do not have presence in Internet, nor a sad mention in San Google. How they find its clients them? By magic art or because their clients are those of decades ago and follow the same it rules. Its argument is “why if not me it is necessary�. Possibly today no, within few years a competition, that yes has seen the advantages, will have eaten it literally at local level.

And, although it seems to us strange, there is companies that still have been continued maintaining since for 30 years with pencil-holder and with a printer by where copy removes from everything to file it in AZ, spending paper at the cost of the ecology, as ending part of the Amazon. That office could be the perfect scene for an episode of the Alcántara of Tells me when they lived Transition in the heat of.

The and-resistance, obsolescence Web and the lack of investment define to a large extent our relation with the digital world.


The fault is of the isomorphism

To what part of that and-resistance is due? It explains it very well Enrique Dans, one of the best experts in Internet and new technologies.

Then, Dans speaks of how nowadays Google, Amazon, Facebook and even applications as Tinder decides more by us than we thought. The change of tendency and behavior of consumption habits is so vertiginous that do not adapt they are on the verge of losing the train of the digital transformation and putting into play the subsistence of his organization. And the isomorphism became…


What is the isomorphism and how it affects to the companies in Spain

The isomorphism is the tendency of the organizations to look oneself like the surroundings that surround them. All the companies of a same sector and activity end up looking like. When one of them advances technologically, in processes of efficiency or innovation, the others follow it or that assumes.

That company risks and blunts. How much take does the competition in following its tendency? In Spain decades can take, especially in very traditional sectors or companies and of noticeable familiar character. The capacity of our small and medium businesses (considering that the micro-enterprises conform the majority of the enterprise framework of our country next to independent professionals) to change and to adapt to the advance of its surroundings is very slow and usually remains stopped waiting for another moment, that generally it does not arrive.

That is to say, that the tendency is opposite and the companies usually are looked more like those than they do not advance that to which it takes the initiative as far as digital transformation.

Then we lie down to think that only with a generational change in that company or the incorporation of a worker with certain formation that transformation will be obtained. Not always the story has happy end. Possibly the new generation follows the same tendency or the qualified worker does not surpass the digital resistance and for want of support he looks for luck in another company.

The real problem is not only that we are slow in the adaptation or imitation of the surroundings and the competition, is that we do not have a culture of the undertaking nor of the investment in technologies. And the companies or businessmen are many who nowadays continue making the things as then, without processes, organization, material or human resources and almost artisan.

Businessmen (and professionals) exist who do not see the utility have a Web, nor to update it. And nevertheless, their managers (until its children, grandsons and they themselves) count on the last model of iPhone or change of vehicle of the high range every 5 years, because he is modern and it transmits a good image of being able and ostentation. In the same way, their companies have computers that remained with Windows XP, but their employees have in their houses tablets, macbook and cable TV, because he is the latest.


The fault is of the milenial

The popularisation of the mobiles and the connection to Internet brought new horizons of knowledge. Forward edge RTB and ADSL so limited allowed us from house or a cybercafe to connect us to a document world to learn, to investigate, to accede to sources beyond a library. Google was in diapers.

Some generations later, we thought that this would be a species of Matrix where anyone with a little curiosity or restlessness could have access in a click to any information, at the same level that a college student in Oxford, Harvard or the MIT of Massachusetts.

But it is that it is not thus. Smartphones has turned the pocket computer into means for the narcissism with selfies and postureo in social networks. They have invaded the culture with youtubers and influencers that is gurus or pseudoexpert in anything. But it has not promoted a productive or positive use of the search of information and the learning. Our virtual world of the network is full of noise and information of little utility. The new generation does not know to sail more than by Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat or the fashionable network and does not look for quality content.

milenials smartphones

This in the future supposes an authentic digital illiteracy in which everything becomes with click in one app or because we do not know to discriminate the truthful information of simple hoaxes, leaving us to guide as only criterion by likes of a publication. Luckily, as much the great finders as other organizations are in the way to put remedy to him and to promote the authentic knowledge in the network.

The greater handicap is to know how the companies will be able to surpass that in some years without counting on webpage. That will not be sufficient with a simple Web as if outside to flyer, of course empty of content and with some beautiful images. The effort is in complementing it with other tools and resources, especially with social networks, contents of quality and interconnecting everything to arrive at that objective public.


The solution is not a Web low COST

And at this point, what we can do? To adapt as well as possible and with a good investment in digital marketing.

As much the Web has evolved as the developers and at the moment there are them of all type. Especially, the dedicated ones to low COST. Perhaps the crisis or the lack of a good policy of digital investment in the companies has allowed that proliferate this type of services.

Design Web with a countless number of extra additions to a ridiculous price in order that you have a Web once and for all. But according to the experience of many of our clients cheap it leaves expensive and, the majority is with an empty Web that it does not serve for anything.

Low COST not always is the solution. There are professionals of certain sectors as the dedicated ones to general services of the home (masonry, plumbing and electricity, for example) that by their activity usually continues working by recommendations or traditional publicity. Possibly most enterprising they see Filon in a simple, economic and adapted Web to its needs without more fiorituras.

He is not the same for SMEs and other professionals who move in B2B (BusinessToBusiness) or B2C (BusinessToClient) and the dedicated ones to e-commerce or to the pick up of clients online, for whom the image and attention to the client are essential. All of them require a raised Web or, with one structures and functionalities, as well as a series of direct services that can suppose a new contract or direct order, reason why the Web in addition to their virtual showcase, will comprise of their commercial department.

Serve in this case does a Web low COST? Directly no, but there are many forms to facilitate the decision of the client, as it is the case of flat fees and other additional services per quarterly or semester periods, minimum time to obtain small results and of demonstrating to the client who the investment has been worth the trouble. That is our key and in that sense we raised the new tariffs and packs of flat fee in customseopackages focused to diversify and to offer to the clients other economic additional solutions to you to the Web and to surpass the technological resistance, without arriving at low COST, offering an economic price, but where the quality predominates.

For the stragglers with the adaptation, like the rest of our clients, to bring up to date themselves and to secure visibility, requires of the good search engine optimization with strategies SEO and SEM, that is to say that there is to work contents well, social networks and also to pay publicity in Google. Everything combined obtains that the set works and that the Web little by little begins to give their results in the form of sales, contacts, more clients… The statistics and the information of results do not deceive. More than one of our clients who have taken in take refuging in this formula, now it does not want to stop applying it. And first of all they are thankful for the tranquillity of being able to dedicate itself totally to his business, having the duties in done digital marketing good and with good note.

The digital anachronism or why so many companies do not have webpage
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