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The digital anachronism or why so many companies do not have webpage

If Leonardo da Vinci, Julio Verne and other visionaries of long ago returned to our time, the hands would lie down at the top. Just like Marty McFly if such day landed in Spain as today; he would think that the one Of Lorean has been confused of date.

What] has been of that future […

Design Web responsive, tools and groups

You cannot wait for more, the market moves more and more fast towards the movable devices, reason why to have a website responsive is totally essential.

What is a Web responsive?

Design Web responsive is a technique of design Web used for the correct visualization of images, texts, videos… in movable devices, Smartphone, tablets… obtaining […]

Advice to webmáster to create your Web of zero

If we have been able to convince in previous post to send to you to you to create your new and flaming Web of company, pon attention in the following tips that we offer to you from customseopackages envelope to you what and how you must plan before putting the first element.


Web of company or lies down online

Based on your type business or commercial activity you must […]

Tips and action to obtain the best design of your new Web of company

It is the moment for sending you to the world online or for renewing to you and in to customseopackages to you we offer the steps to you to do it successfully.

In our previous post To position themselves or to die: the new exigencies for companies in the universe online, we clarified to some disadvantages and the handicap that suppose for the companies the fact to maintain an obsolete Web or […]

The importance of the maintenance Web and advising online

Speaking with a client, I have realized of which the new companies need not only to have “a good? Web but they also need advising on as impelling his business online, or its webpage, blog or store online, to impel a website, not only are to create social networks, to do a blog to you and to share […]

The best calling card, your webpage

As you know well, nowadays if you do not have a webpage in conditions is possible that you lose new possibilities of business, but what is a webpage in conditions? Next we give some keys you so that your “calling card? is what your potential clients hope themselves to find. […]

TIC-TAC! you do your Web “Mobile Friendly?

According to Google in its Official Blog of Webmaster, Finding has announced dwells mobile-friendly search results, the Web that is optimized to us for movable devices can see affected their positions in their index, this already is a reality, so better to come up than to cure truth.

How to obtain that my Web prevails?

The digital world and Internet are the future present and of the companies, and are therefore also the used means more with a great difference. At the moment presence in Internet is not had if nonaccounts with twitter, facebook fanpages, Google +, Linkedin, landing pages or your own blog… The present consumer is eager for information, and now he is the own consumer who actively looks for the information that interests to him and it contributes value to him.  There are many people and companies that create their own webpages, but then, they do not know how to cause that this Web prevails.

The presence in Internet is fundamental, cannot be in Internet of any way, the presence online must of being agreed to the identity and to the type of language that uses the own brand. If we investigated by Internet, we will see very many webpages that are not chords to the needs that have the own clients.


Why to make your own Web HE ISN'T PROFITABLE?

At the moment they exist in the network multitude of programs of free access that allow to make Webs of “low cost? despite this IS NOT RECOMMENDABLE for most people.

Why he isn't recommendable? In the majority of the cases he is not profitable due to the cost-opportunity relation. That is to say, if your objective is to do something that is not of your battle area, the time that you are going to dedicate to make all this type of activities is going to be much greater to the one than it would dedicate another person whom really it controls plus the subject. Arrived at this point we do not have to forget that:

=Dinero time

This means that the time that you are squandering in making your own webpage, you will not be dedicating it to produce in your business.


Design Web, usability and SEO

A long time ago, long time, the design Web, the usability and the SEO were very different things, sure, we were in the dawn of Internet and everything has evolved much, as much that now simply site that does not have a good integration of its design Web, a correct usability and a good SEO […]

As creating a success webpage

We are going to explain as creating a webpage so that our business is more successful and is present in Internet, not only you must create an attractive webpage but also that you must contemplate other important aspects, remembers that your webpage is your better calling card. […]

Stages nail in design of webpages

For the correct creation and design of webpages we must consider three stages:

First it is the design Web (layouts). In this stage one works distributing the text, graphs, bonds to other documents and other objects multimedia that is considered pertinent.  It is a very important stage since […]