The been born ones between years 1995 and 2012 are considered as Generation Z. ambitious People and tremendously together with to the technology and the change. In addition, they are the first generation that has lived all the life with the use on Internet and the mobile phones.

For the companies, Generation Z is a world of opportunities to make business, in fact esteem that have 44 Trillions of Dollars of purchasing power, number that will increase according to is entering the labor world.

According to a study of Forbes, the members of Generation Z pass a 74% of their time in online means, which supposes a great opportunity for the companies to reach to this type of clients. The best channel to do it is the social networks, since it is where they pass the majority of his time.

Next I let 6 advice to you to be able to reach effectively to Generation Z.

It learns to use Snapchat

According to a study of The Drum, 79% of the survey ones use Snapchat to the day once and 59% 11 times to the day use some. What means that this generation makes a great use of Snapchat, reason why you would have to learn how to use the tool to reach to the users and to draw attention to them.

RedBull for example, adds filters to Snapchat during the time of examinations for “activating the mind? of the users and creating image name brand.

Instagram Stories creates

Instagram sent this function in August of 2016 and since then it has not stopped to grow. In fact, in April of 2017 already it had surpassed to Snapchat in 40 million users, which forces the marketing experts to pay much attention to this social network.

In addition it has many functions for companies at the time of creating publicity, reason why you would have to create content adapted for your campaigns in Instagram Stories and thus to reach to a great number of users. 

reasons marketing

Center you in the mobiles

Generation Z is very focused to the use of the mobiles, in fact, although this generation interacts simultaneously with several screens (movable, TV, tablet, computer…) the mobile continues being its top priority.

This means that the content that you want to create for social networks (but also for the own webpage) must be perfectly optimized even the mobiles and to even prioritize it in front of the computers since Google begins to prioritize as page to have more in account the one than we offer to our readers in mobiles since she is the one that more visits receives and more usuary it consults, it can interest our post to you Design Web responsive, advantages, tools and groups in which we explained the importance of having to you a Web that adapts its contents in mobiles perfectly.

It knows influencers of Generation Z

Although you believe that you know who are the most influential people in social networks nowadays, is not thus. The members of Generation Z have their own preferences, from famous Youtubers to models and singers.

It knows who are the most influential people of this generation and centers you in your sector. It is possible that you cannot reach to influencers more important, but to which they are in height and your younger users already know.

infuencers generacionZ

It shares your content in Youtube

Generation Z passes an average of to 4 hours in 2 Youtube and one average of 30 minutes seeing the TV the day. This means that you must remember very east channel at the time of developing to your campaigns of marketing and publicity.

Youtube has become the main source of entertainment for Generation Z, which explains the height of influencers in this channel.

What means that you will have to center to you in creating audio-visual content of quality that is able to hook to your hearing.

It knows what is fashionable

Google realised a study about which Generation Z thought that he was “guay?. Brands as Nike, Oreo, Netflix or Youtube had the best results. This is due to the marketing campaigns that have realised in the last years having focused in this generation.

It is necessary to understand what this generation is fashionable to be able to apply it in our campaigns of marketing and to manage to catch the attention of more clients.

It is necessary to consider that also chose these brands by the impact which they have in the world, reason why is necessary to concentrate in sending a positive message to this generation and managing to create a true impact.

that this fashionable one

In conclusion, it is necessary to know which are the tendencies that move to Generation Z and to adapt them to their favorite social networks. It is very important to create quality content that hooks, is easy to consume and that it as well has a forceful and up-to-date message and that perfectly is adapted to the movable platforms.

Applying these 6 advice you will be able to attract more users your platforms and to improve the image of your brand, thus being able to reach a greater number of sales


Macarena Vayá,
Country Manager of Spain in Sortlist
Specialist in positioning SEO and digital marketing.

6 advice of marketing for Generation Z in social networks
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