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6 advice of marketing for Generation Z in social networks

The been born ones between years 1995 and 2012 are considered as Generation Z. ambitious People and tremendously together with to the technology and the change. In addition, they are the first generation that has lived all the life with the use on Internet and the mobile phones.

For the companies, Generation Z is a world of opportunities […]

The Landing Page practices to generate benefits

Black Friday, Christmas, Reductions… the competition is going to be ferocious in these dates. The triumph of your e-commerce it is only question of a click and to apply to strategies and tools that are within reach of all. One of them is the design of landing pages. We explained to you what] is […

the Cross-average marketing: Power your business online

To have an attractive Web is not sufficient to obtain good results. We explained the bases to you to create a good strategy online for your company or business.

In post previous we have set out the main keys and reasons to initiate or to improve your presence online. Nowadays, to have a Web is not only sufficient. Marketing now […]

It learns to create your own brand · Advice on Marketing Online

Nowadays the competition in Internet is something Brutal then, What we can make to differentiate to us from the rest of the companies? The answer is easy: We must cause that our own brand has an identity and is present at strong.

However, we begin by the principle. You remember first that you have looked for in Internet this morning? Surely he was something that really you needed to know. During the last “Party Campus? statistical ones were seen several on the form of consumption in Internet that lets glimpse the tendencies […]

Marketing of contents he is the king?

All the independent companies, SMEs or look for to viralizar their contents by the network, with the aim of having greater visibility in finders and thus to obtain more clients, but how obtained is this? in much measurement with the marketing of contents, therefore if they ask to me; is the marketing of contents the king? My answer is fully IF. […]

Google Tag Manager

Why it serves to Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager gives back the control to us of our code of a fast, gratuitous and intuitive form. What does is to allow the aggregate or the edition of the labels directly from Tag Manager instead of to enter to the code of the site in himself, also reducing to the amount of errors that […]