You cannot wait for more, the market moves more and more fast towards the movable devices, reason why to have a website responsive is totally essential.

What is a Web responsive?

Design Web responsive is a technique of design Web used for the correct visualization of images, texts, videos… in movable devices, Smartphone, tablets… being able to adapt the contents to the different sizes from screen (Design adaptable Web HTML5 or CSS3) being been able to improve AND MUCH! the experience that each user has when sailing, which power the attainment of leads, usability, sales, subscriptions, requests of information… In aim that is fun much!

In customseopackages all our webpages to you totally they are adapted to movable devices, we used WordPress so that the costs are very economic, it visits our section Design Web WordPress and informs to you.

Advantages of the design Web responsive

We are going to begin by the advantages that the design Web responsive cross-platform can report to us since we put it to work:

1. It improves the experience of the user (UX)

This it is a very important aspect for our project Web, if improvements the experience of user of your webpage, most probable is than you diminish the percentage by ricochet and you increase the CTR that as much Google demand nowadays So to improve UX! and of gift you will take to an improvement in your positioning Web and the image of your brand will be reinforced, harnessing that the user I interacted with your contents, or subscribing, asking for information, leaving a commentary or carrying out a purchase. Important east aspect truth?

2. Saving in development costs Web

A website responsive is based on groups that are valid for the different platforms, reason why is not necessary to create different adapted groups from each platform, but what it is persecuted he is that creating the parameters of one we can apply it them to the others, which without a doubt reduces to costs and maintenance, since you do not have to create a version for mobiles and another one for tablets.

3. It increases the diffusion of contents in social networks

To see, normal, if you have a legible text, insolent images adapted to the stop and width of your device, it is possible to be interacted without trouble and the contents seem to you interesting, because certainly the user will have more possibilities of sharing your information you do not create.

In fact it has metric that they indicate that one shares much more from a movable device that from a computer, since the visits from movable devices have gone off.

4. It improves the SEO

Evident truth? as it shelp if the usability previously, the structure Web or the architecture of information is good and in addition we have taken care of details as the correct writing of metadata (titltes & Description), use of H1, H2 or H3 or the optimization of speed of load among others factors of optimization of contents Web, because Google will not have the more remedy that to consider to show us in its index, in fact Google puts much emphasis in which you have an adapted Web to movable devices to offer to the contained users of quality which they can read, share or comment without no problem.

 I leave this link you where you can verify if your website is optimized for movable devices:


Improvement your CTR and you will improve your SEO, without the version responsive this is not possible!

It verifies that your webpage this optimized for movable devices #DiseñoWebResponsive Click to tuitear

Tools of design Web responsive

After I leave some tools that will come to you very well at the time of creating your flaming design Web responsive, every time arise but tools look for and compare:


A tool online to visualize your design in any device.



It is tools very similar to Illustrator but focused to the design Web. Sketch is designed for designers. With useful functions, powerful an intuitive interface and plugins created by a developer community.



It stops writing the code and it begins to draw it, this tool offers the same flexibility that your favorite publisher of images, but also writes very brief semantic HTML and CSS.



You will be able to raise design archives and to add animations, gestures and transitions to transform his static screens into clicables interactive prototypes.


Groups responsive html5/CSS3 FREE

Next I leave to the links to groups responsive you gratuitous HTML5 and CSS3 with which you can secure a very professional result for all projects online.

Groups of design Web responsive gratuitous html5/CSS3 Click to tuitear

to customseopackages to you, your company of design Web in Madrid.

Design Web responsive, tools and groups
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