If you have already bought tenth of lottery of Christmas, but there are no preparation your virtual showcase to sell as crazy person, kind the advice who we offer to you in Décimoarte.

Christmases have transferred their showcase to Internet. In these dates the increase in the exchange of information and especially the purchases in e-commerce grow every year a 50% with respect to the previous year.

Social chats, networks and any publication in the network of networks have a very concrete aim in these dates: to stimulate the fast purchases. The consuming type or target has changed his “ritual? and buys to mobile touch. This represents a high percentage of sales that you must conquer. If you have invested in your real showcase, spend to him to something of time and effort to virtual with our Tips or advice to put your e-commerce in full dress and to catch more sales:

It defines your message and your Christmas image.

Before sending to you to decorate as if it did not have tomorrow we advised to you that you define the decorative line and the message or group of messages that you are going to use. Let take to you by the Christmas spirit or always create something original, likeable and trying to catch the attention of your habitual or potential clients. A look throws to the previous campaigns of your competitors and the great brands that begin to show by the social networks and in some profiles of your followers of previous years.

If still you do not have a store online contacts with us and we will create it quickly so that you can sell online the 365 days of the year the 24 hours of the day.

Ten a detail in the sales with services extra.

Certainly they visit your store clients who habitually do not do it or who not yet know you. The competition based on prices is wild and it cannot be your only strategy if nonaccounts with a great store or if your margin of benefit is very narrow. In order to distinguish to you, to assure sales to you and fidelizar clients the best thing is to create services extra as gratuitous shipments (if you can allow it to you with the price of your agency of shipments), gratuitous return, tickets gift, special packages… or strip of merchandising thinking about these dates or something practical to use all the year with your adhered brand, for example that gadget fashionable for mobiles.

It creates special categories or labels of your products.

It extends the options that to you your manager of store or a CMS offers type Magento, PrestaShop or Shopify or some plugin for WordPress type Woocommerce, Ecwin or Shopp or for Joomla. In addition to the typical ones of more sold or top sales, outstanding, etc. it generates new categories that offer to your buying options of searches or filters as Gifts for her or him, Top Christmas, the most looked for… here again the originality and the habits of consumption of your clients in these dates will provide many ideas to you.

Pon the festive touch in your Web.

As in other occasions we have recommended, your Web cannot right in the center become a poster of lights and colors as some department store. The taste and style go of your part, but they ten in account that the attention must be in your product, that yes with your Christmas touch to put to the buyer in situation.

  • In the head or main menu. It reserves a space in the head (to header) as could be the basic image that accompanies your logo. It is a special date you can make an exception.
  • In the slider of animated images. Change it completely and dedicate it to several sections, categories or messages that affect your possible clients or bring about their attention. It always remembers to connect to sections or products that can be interesting for the sale by their benefits or stock available.
  • With banners located that you will have to reserve for special services that you can apply in the purchases as gratuitous shipment or return, tickets gift, packs strategically special, packages, etc. Also you can distribute the messages using MGP-UPS but without abusing them so that they are not annoying or they finish blocked.
  • In the sections of the store with a special bottom or in the heads.

Madness in the social networks.

The battle to become a hollow in Christmas between fans and followers, brands, announcements is going away to free in the main social networks. And it is where you will obtain the greater expansion of your promotion and Christmas sales. You do not underestimate its power and proves the following advice:

  • A general with your Christmas message and more concrete others dedicated to products and advice of purchase creates periodic publications.
  • He publishes original videos congratulating the celebrations to your way or one promo of your products and gifts with that magical touch of Christmas. There are other resources that also you can use as games and customized applications Web.
  • Conquest to influencers and all followers so that they share your contents.
  • It creates special messages of welcome for the new followers and so that already they are it.
  • It invests in publicity and it sends contests for purchases realised in Christmas.

With this good review or you have ideas and a perfect plan to start up your Christmas campaign or to apply that small detail that you had not considered.

And now we propose a reflection to you: you imagine that all the creativity and effort that you are going to also realise in your Web in Christmas you will apply it the rest of the year.

If you need to forces and resources, she remembers that in Décimoarte we counted on services special Web and plans for e-commerce and digital marketing, so you do not doubt in putting to you in touch and requesting more information to us. Happy Celebration-Happy Sales!

Pon your e-commerce in full dress for Christmas (part II)
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