Black Friday, Christmas, Reductions… the competition is going to be ferocious in these dates. The triumph of your e-commerce it is only question of a click and to apply to strategies and tools that are within reach of all. One of them is the design of landing pages. We explained to you what is and how we managed them in customseopackages to you.


What is one landing page?

One landing page or landing page it is a specialized preliminary Web that redirige to your clients and internauts to a concrete part of your Web, or a product, a service or simply a question of branding or image name brand.

We use as similar the practice of the fishing. If you want a good piece you will have search the way to obtain it. You choose the best material (graphical), a good scene (posiconamiento SEM SEO) and your strategy of marketing. And delays to that they itch.

Thus page is landing. A resource so that within all the supply or services that you offer in your Web, one stands out that it attracts your objective public and you obtain conversione under leads of more direct form (or your objective the sale, propagandistic or an informative call).


Why serve to one does landing page?

It serves mainly to position your brand, a product or service with a promotional objective or of sale. landing page it is a cover or a previous connection to your corporative Web or e-commerce with a content very reduced. Although he is not exact, we say that action is as flyer but with extra functions as call to, forms of contact, video and other functions.

You can start up one landing page in some of the following cases:

  • Branding or image name brand. When you have realised a concrete change in your company or the brand and want that the consumers concentrate in that information. You could put it in your Home Page or by means of a MGP-up, but the attention would not call so much as one landing page where to explain this newness briefly. A very clear example is the one of the milky products of a famous brand that they every so often change of name time (yogurts of jroña that jroña).
  • Conversion related to the obtaining of data, for example to successfully obtain information through a form, to know the opinion your clients on a certain product or to make participate them in a statistic. In this case, we recommended to you that the effort is accompanied by a reward as a discount, promotional gift or participation in a contest.
  • Conversion for e-commerce, that is to say for the sale of a product or service. Page is one of the most frequent cases in the use of landing and that leads (conversions) more produces as far as positioning and other strategies of digital marketing.


How to raise good landing page? Characteristics

We will concentrate in the case of the sales that are as we commented the most frequent case and than more uses of landing page generates.

  1. It looks for an impressive and direct design. Landing page can consider as a unique image with a slogan and a brief explanation. It thinks about the concept of flyer. You hardly have an opportunity, a pair of seconds to attract the client visually and who before clicking in closing, is seduced and clicks in the magical button To see more or To buy.
  2. To Action includes Call: one is bellboys and resources with direct messages as we finished indicating destined to a Call to the Action. With them we can direct to them to the direct purchase of a product, to fill in a form or to realise a telephone call (for example if to enter from smartphone) or to become fan in our social networks.
  3. It positions in social finders and networks. In the case of landing, the payment positioning SEO is essential. The connection will be external and to promote it is the best form (even, almost the only one) to direct navigation. Blogging and social networks with specific fan page can be a very useful and profitable resource.
  4. It measures all the results. As much of call to action as of the positioning and visits to know in each step and to elaborate your funnel or funnel of sales, that will be used you for next actions.


When to activate one landing page?

Since we have already tried previously, landing is used in cases and very concrete campaigns. You can raise them in a short period of time as it could be of one week to a month, with the purpose of developing all the campaign and to give time to the consumers to conduct the battle and to position it. Unfortunately, landing is not for always and is losing effect. That is to say, that has expiration date and before re-loading they need a time rest.

Once you have obtained the results, it remembers to deactivate the campaign and the connections will have to redirect to your corporative Web or a message that informs to the navigator who the campaign no longer is active.

The Landing Page practices to generate benefits
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