Christmas for many companies begins in the month of August, among them pastry shops and manufacturers of typical candies, travel agencies, companies of technology, etc. For the rest, as consumers, possibly it is to us difficult to do us to the idea or to put to us in situation when we are to about 40 degrees and (hopefully) enjoying the waves of the sea. If they speak to us of Christmas in those dates we would think that they are of joke or that every time more with the publicity go ahead.

But it is not any joke, nor an exaggeration. The great brands, the great commercial surfaces and other suppliers of services, already have their campaign of December more than list and marking the countdown for their launching. In fact, one of the brands or organizations that go ahead to Christmas and, to that already we have ourselves customary in the summer period is the Lottery with the extraordinary drawing, that takes advantage of vacation and supervisory celebrations many towns so that we prick the hook with friends, relatives and “and if he touches here?.

This post goes to those stores online or e-commerce and other companies with presence online and less experience, than do not need to prepare themselves with as much advance, but they must begin to think and to start up his campaign. Because one is not only the Christmas white (rather sea bream Christmas), but of a succession of appointments with e-commerce that takes place in two months, to sell without stopping.


It is the appointment of great reductions at world-wide level that already is on the verge of becoming everything a classic one. It is born in the United States and a day is celebrated for several years after Día de Acción de Gracias (Thanksgiving Day) or rather the next day to the fourth Thursday of the month of November is celebrated, this year will be 24 of November.

Their success and the numbers in benefits that it has generated in each edition are astronomical, until the point that Black Friday is repeated throughout the year and many stores have his individual, turned into synonymous of mega reductions and massive exits of stock. Without a doubt, everything an event for and-consumers who hope anxious that they mark the 0,00 hours in his favorite store online and, also for and-salesmen with great previous campaigns in social networks, mass media, etc. to take control of the craziest and aggressive, previous sales to Christmas.


Unless your company is dominated by the spirit of Mr Scroodge the savage, any Web of company, or lies down or no, makes its small contribution to this full time of good desires, by the own Nativity or the entrance of the new year.

In the case of the stores the options are infinite. We offer a pair to you of data so that you begin to think about in full dress putting your Web for the occasion: Simply that more of 50% of the buyers it is going search or to buy through Internet “gifts? from a PC or mobile and, that these dates is a good moment fidelizar clients since the sales online are increased between 20-30%. You need more arguments?

Options to promote themselves and to establish a campaign there are thousands, but the perfect combination must be that one that fulfills the expectations of target or profile of client type in a 80% and, that can as well attract new clients in a 20%.

They exist multitude of strategies in these dates to sell more, as the chained sales, packs special, among others, as well as details that can be the hook to convince of the purchase to the client in front of other competitors, without looking at the price: special attentions, personalisation of packaging, etc.

We will dedicate a post next to explore thorough options and ideas for your e-commerce Christmas.

REDUCTIONS: 7 of January

Nothing else to finalize Christmas with the festival of Reyes Magos in Spain and other Hispano-American countries, occurs the pistol shot from exit to the reductions. They are again dates important for e-commerce and to give exit to stocks. Both dates are so next (aim of Christmas and beginning on sale) that you must in advance have predicted all the changes in the Web and other actions.

Ten in account that also will take place many changes and returns of the Christmas gifts, by it you must reinforce the logistic activity of, warehouse and attention to the client, since they are fundamental so that your buyers are fidelicen and to have “likes? and favorable opinions in social networks, that without a doubt are recommendations for other new buyers.


In next the post we will be giving to ideas and advice to you adapted for each one of the appointments. But we advanced some here to you so that you take note:

  • He offers alternatives to the clients who do not know what to buy. It is the best moment to create packs, special or limited editions.
  • He creates landing pages and MGP-UPS that catches the attention towards certain special or outstanding products.
  • Present to you of original form with some detail that adorns your Web. Good desires always well are received and comprise of the purchase experience.
  • Fundamental to be in social networks. It practically bombs with announcements, hastag and images promoting products and always directed to the Web of purchase or section.

It remembers that in Décimoarte we counted on services special Web and plans for e-commerce and digital marketing, so you do not doubt in putting to you in touch and requesting more information to us.

Pon your e-commerce in full dress for Christmas (part I)
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