The technology puts to the service of the stores and new businesses online to traverse of smartphones. If your e-commerce needs to give the great jump thinks to great and point you at m-commerce.

The purchases online are universalised and grown of meteoric form with new possibilities in order to catch clients and to obtain immediate benefits. The internauts and plus the milenial generation live through the small screen and catch the attention of the great brands. But not only milenial, but a great segment of the population of more age than has adapted to the new technologies and with greater purchasing power for all type of consumption.

From eating, dressing, to share experiences, to plan trips and a long list of others. Everything is possible through a mobile and everything (or almost everything) can become a transaction and benefits. It could say that from 2015 to today, the mobile has broken through and it has seized of the business in Internet.

At the moment, many social networks and applications of chat are studying to incorporate purchases in its applications. Facebook and Twitter they are already working in this sense. In our post To position themselves or to die: the new exigencies for companies in the universe online we spoke of For WhatsApp Business that it will allow the companies to offer products and services with direct purchase for his clients, as well as other advantages applied to the businesses and marketing.

M-commerce is not only an opportunity for the brands, producers and suppliers of services, but also for others companies based on B2C (Business to Consumers or Negocios directed to the consumer) that is placed as intermediaries with very original services and that is based on the immediacy and here and now.
Considering that more of 80% of navigation takes place through a mobile it is of logic to take control of a piece of the pie in the business online. And by minimum that is that small piece, not only ample benefits, but also a prestige can report us.

We cannot forget to us to mention the business of platforms online and marketplace. To all it sounds the giant to us Amazon but also there is multitude of companies that are had been positioning with a good strategy in the market and attracting a type of very concrete objective public.

And it is indeed the specialization which is tendency between this type of businesses online, not only by his target or public to whom they go, but also by the supplies and products stars. The great majority uses resources as the purchase by impulse that allows to have “the hooked� users, thus multiplying their sales.

And arrived at this point in which many you will be rubbing the hands and, it is not for less, we offer a summary to you of the aspects that you must consider stops to raise you the car of m-commerce:

  1. To count on a store online structured good. It does not mean that it is a store already consolidated, but is organized with a good strategy as far as oriented navigability and to the experience of and-consumer.
  2.  Web responsive or App. Both options are equal of valid, as long as smartphones and movable devices adapt totally to and that it allows a fluid use, that is to say, that the load of the contents is fast and to avoid failures for want of cover of data, for example.
  3. A powerful SEO. Practically all the businesses with certain prestige in m-commerce invests in positioning and publicity (online than offline). Without this support, to attract sales becomes very complicated, unless your idea of e-commerce is for a very select or specialized public.
  4. Continuous recycling. You always must be kind to new features and tendencies stop to as much transform your m-commerce the side of the Web, but still more into the side of app. Not only one is to incorporate new functionalities of the operating systems Android and IOS, but also to purify failures and to be kind to the reports of the users to create updates.
  5. Point you at Big Data. It analyzes each one of the behaviors of your clients in your store online and advances you to his decisions what does, what buys, what no it buys, which are their tastes, likings, etc. Sounds to orweliano experiment, but it will be your great trick to transform your benefits.
  6. The security as principle. The user needs that its experience in addition to good has guarantees. For it, it is not necessary to scrimp in safe servers type SSL and other measures of encryption and data bases. In this sense, a series of changes has been approved in Law of Protection of Personal Data that it will enter 2018 in force and to that all the companies in major or measured minor must adapt.

If still you want more arguments to be convinced and to send themselves with your e-commerce or your m-commerce, we invited to you to throw a look to our proposal of services it stops stores online and movable applications.

m-commerce the king of the tendencies for the sales online
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