To have an attractive Web is not sufficient to obtain good results. We explained the bases to you to create a good strategy online for your company or business.

In post previous we have set out the main keys and reasons to initiate or to improve your presence online. Nowadays, to have a Web is not only sufficient. Marketing now is digital and it has extended by Internet and, more with the widespread use of Smartphone and movable devices.

Many clients arrive with a key question Why he doesn't sell my webpage? In the majority of the cases, the answer is simple with a first analysis: its webpage is as a beautiful box of gift surrounded and with bow, but totally empty. That is to say, there are contents nor data no to know who visit its Web, how it arrives, what it looks in the Web, nor how. Without a good positioning and a strategy online, to arrive at your potential clients and to secure to your objectives of sale or promotion, it is practically to wait for a miracle.

If it sounds to you this situation, reads kindly and begins to raise action to you.


Much more that positioning Web

Many companies only center their strategy online in the positioning of their webpage. It is not absolutely an error, since dela comprises strategy of digital marketing, but at the moment if of verdadbuscas that your presence online acquires relevance, you must apply other actions.

In fact, many clients who sell through their Web realise great investments in publicity (SEM), but do not obtain results. They end up blaming to the positioning of the problem, leaving the investment and, therefore, failing his project of electronic commerce.

The problem resides in a concept error. Positioning SEO/SEM is fundamental, but as we explained he is not everything in digital marketing.


Digital marketing = Consuming digitalis

Then, of what digital marketing consists and what strategy to follow? To probably they sound to concepts as inbound marketing, marketing of contents, marketing you of affiliation,… All really are focused to the combination of these keys or principles: To sell – Fidelizar Clients – To create Values.

But most important, it is than you must direct your strategy to a new type of consumer who nothing has to do with the traditional client to whom you are customary:

  • Smart-consumer: One inquires before buying through Internet.
  • Pro: It consumes and it produces contents in Internet, mainly in social networks.

With this data, already you begin to understand the importance of realising your plan of digital marketing and a strategy online, beyond having a positioned good Web.



The new digital consumer demands that you explore new publicity and communication channels, but without leaving traditional marketing. That is to say, you will have to sell your brand, products and services, not only on the basis of a necessity, but with very powerful an emotional component, in which the consumer is going to comprise of your brand, sharing your contents, responding to these and thinking directly.

And crossmedia marketing is perfect to connect with your public/client and to harness in stages your business online. You only must mark to those stages with a good planning and a diversification of the investment. For it, you need to define and to segment or your target or public/client, as well as to establish your objectives and that always are measurable.

It is not only to know to whom you go or to whom you sell, but that effort supposes to transform it into sales and results. If you have sufficient resources and estimated you must consider these sections:

Publicity in traditional means (it presses, radio, TV) and hardware (flyers, cartelerĂ­a, outer publicity PLV). It continues being a very effective route to arrive at the consumers and who know your presence online.

Positioning SEO/SEM: Everything must direct to increase the number of visits to your Web and the quality of those visits. The natural positioning or SEO must as much be internal as external (the social links, news, networks) and the positioning of payment or SEM must be in accordance with previous and with some the commercial objectives (to sell a certain product, fidelizar clients, to present a promotion…).

Marketing in social networks: Your plan of social average requires a treatment to part. You must know whom you go and in what networks to have presence and which no, but always of constant form. In your policy of communication in networks it is fundamental these points:

  • What you are going to publish and how.
  • How you interact with the hearing or followers.
  • What to do before a crisis situation that can affect to your image or reputation.
  • To invest in publicity in networks and to promote contents.

Email marketing: Not only one is to send publicity of indiscriminate form, but to maintain a fluid communication with your subscribers/clients by means of surveys, new features, promotions and discounts, the news… In order to secure a good data base you will have to attract subscribers from your Web, social networks, blog and all the possible connections.

Blogging and newsletter: To spread to your knowledge and the news is another form to connect with your clients and to let grow your image name brand. It is important that the contents in this section are excellent and of quality, fidelizar to your readers. You must promote each publication in social networks and by means of email marketing, as well as look for the support of influencers, communities of affiliates, etc.

Another marketing of contents: In this section we included other forms to promote and to secure relevance to you online. According to your type of business they exist directory, forums and models of e-commerce, where you can have presence and connect with your hearing. We recommended to you that you study well where you must be and of form always controlled.

If not yet you have initiated no of these strategies, we waited for your consultation in customseopackages to you. It follows kind our blog to know more advice and strategies to harness your Web of company or your business online.

the Cross-average marketing: Power your business online
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