If we have been able to convince in previous post to send to you to you to create your new and flaming Web of company, pon attention in the following tips that we offer to you from customseopackages envelope to you what and how you must plan before putting the first element.


Web of company or lies down online

Based on your type business or commercial activity you must choose between one of these modalities, according to your needs. You can have a company Web that is only a presentation of your brand, products or services or to decide you by the sale in Internet with a store or commerce online.

Your decision supposes different strategies and other aspects regarding the design, programming, etc.

All the hosting are not worth

In a matter of lodging all do not offer the same options as far as programming, data bases,… You do not let yourself take by the price and the supplies of discount, especially if you want to create a Web solid, functional and, still more, if you try to open your store online.

If your Web of company is going to be more than a virtual dossier, you with these 3 keys have left to contract your hosting:

  • Dynamic Web.
  • Shared Hosting premiun or hosting prevailed (VPS).
  • Compatibility with the CMS or type of programming of the application Web (ASP.net, PHP…).
  • HTTPS if you are going to create a store online.


And, what CMS to choose? At the moment diverse managers or platforms exist that facilitate the design and programming with subjects or groups, plugins and applications more or less simple to form. The most popular CMS are WordPress or Joomla (if your Web goes focused to present your company) and Prestashop or Magento (if more it is focused as it lies down online).


The domain yes matters

The domain or direction of your Web will be first that you must raise to say to the world which you have a Web and that your clients will find in the finders (Google, Yahoo, Bing,…).

With than 30 years of history of Internet and near 1,000 million webpages more lodged, if the domain of your dreams is free, you have luck. If it is not it, it raises a name that is easy to recognize and to associate to your company and, tries to avoid too long names, scripts, etc. If your company is of new creation before putting name to him consults mainly if the domain is free in the versions .es and .com.


The structure is it almost everything

Now the interesting part comes and, possibly the one that more meetings needs the creative minds of your company. To create the structure of contents or architecture Web, to be more concise the skeleton or map of your Web.

It thinks to inspire to you that your company is a restaurant and in its letter. The structure is the base to create what a experience of user is denominated with the following you rule:

  • It clearly creates a main menu, that represents the areas of your company, with access to ampler submenus. Most basic it is: Home, We or Who We are, Services or Products, Contact, Blog or the News and FAQ (Preguntas Frecuentes). The restaurant letter remembers: entrants, salads, meats…
  • You do not repeat yourself in excess. To have a Web does not mean to fill up sections as if outside a collection or a championship. It tries that each section goes to a specific subject and contains links to other sections.
  • It creates internal liaisons (linkbuildind or linkjuice) to always direct to the users to more information within your page and informing in what section is (bread breadcrumbs or crumbs).
  • Your adapted movable device webpage, a great percentage of users will arrive at your sistio Web via reason or tablet reason why you must have perfectly optimized it, in addition Google already does tiuempo that this is a main factor to be more above in its ranking.

In order to secure a suitable structure you must think not only about what you want to publish and the services and products of your company. You must also think about the users and offer some to them contained of quality and that navigation is logical, nice and they adore your page.


It enamors with your design

The user of costumary Internet is animal. If you do not attract to him in the 15 30 first seconds, he will flee from your Web or he will visit it with smaller frequency. So that one falls in love with your Web and he arrives at your contents, he points the following advice:

  • He looks at the tendencies and the competition. At the moment the design Web left the aesthetic one of block or brick and now the clear, clean and very visual designs take. An image is worth more than thousand words (although these are also important).
  • The USA direct messages in the sections or main pages very focused to your marketing, with paragraphs short and accompanied by some image. Sell and you speak to you well of your strength.
  • It uses colors (better if they are the corporative ones) where it is necessary but you do not abuse the graphical elements nor you use strident colors because you will create a mosaic effect in your Web or will bring about visual stress.
  • It applies some slider, visual effects and animations, but you do not abuse again. You will bring about visual stress as in the case of the colors.


You do not forget your strategy marketing online

It is always important to have a strategy in your company and more in the section online. Not only one is to have a good, beautiful and positioned Web, but to accompany it by other actions so that everything is fed back and your ranking and popularity one extends by all the network. The marketing strategy online that must support to your Web is:

  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Average
  • Positioning SEO (in web search engines) and SEM (publicity in finders).

In décimoArte always we recommended to you that you consult and you contract to professional services for the design and positioning of your Web, as well as to create the marketing strategies online.

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