It is the moment for sending you to the world online or for renewing to you and in to customseopackages to you we offer the steps to you to do it successfully.

In our previous post To position themselves or to die: the new exigencies for companies in the universe online, we clarified to some disadvantages and the handicap that the fact supposes for the companies to maintain an obsolete Web or not to count on its Web company. If it is your case, it reads this post kindly, because we offer an action list to you and previous advice exceed how to raise your new Web.

It analyzes your corporative image

If you are going to take the step to renew or to send definitively your Web, before raising the first content, it observes your logo and the image of your company the outside. Perhaps it is the moment for considering rebranding or for updating your design offline. Also it can be good moment for the redesign of other documents and publicities as your dossier, commercial catalogues, corporative pamphlets, etc. A survey between your employed clients and on the image that you project can be an excellent indicator on if you are in fashion or if on the contrary you remained in the last century, if you do not know it clearly and you want to implement your corporative image in your Web, it goes to the advising online and lets advise to you by professionals.

A type of Web chooses that represents your objectives

You only want to present your company to the clients or prefer that it is an prolongation of your network of sales? According to your answer you will be able to choose between these main types of Web:

  • Web presentation where they emphasize the sections of whom we are and services and products to way dossier. A Web that does not require a constant maintenance and with a minimum update, but that does not report great results in positioning either.
  • Web of company more extensive than the dossier and more directed to catch clients. You will have to deliver an attack in some sections of the news, blog and more emphasis in the presentation of services and products, as well as routes of contact or comunicacciĂłn with the clients, through the own Web or by means of action of e-mail marketing.
  • Web of sale online. Most important and focused to sale of products and services. She is the one that requires major economic investment and of average humans, but without a doubt the one that more demands companies by the benefits that the sale reports online.


It in detail studies the position (online) of your competition

If they have increased the companies of your sector and with you yourself product or service are important that in this point you know them. It realises a market study to know who are, which are their strong weakness and their presence online. With these data you will have search your advantages and to differentiate to you with respect to the competition, for example emphasizing a service or product or equipping with added value offering a higher quality, a economic price or some more attractive characteristic. That message is the one that it will subtly transmit through your Web of repeated form but. These data are key for the natural positioning (SEO) of your company.

It studies in detail to your competition online and…! it prevails! #Tips and action to obtain the best design of your new #web of company. Click to tuitear

It prepares your company for the new objective online

Without entering in the matter of complex plans of marketing and communication, first it is to know if your company is going to need support in the digital section. According to you raise your new Web, focused as presentation or on sale commercial, as well as the services or products that are going to take associates, you will need to have webmaster that it updates the contents, until community manager or social average that manages the plan in social networks. In the case of the sale online you will have to raise a good management of warehouse and product stock, as well as of logistic and the policy of shipments, return, prices, etc. Also you will have to reinforce the attention to the client with respect to the channel of traditional sale.

It raises your Web of organized form

It selects a good equipment responsible for the design of the Web of company, able to make decisions and to contribute ideas. Next it takes note from these actions to consider initially before looking for a service of design Web:

  1. It constructs the architecture of the Web: One is to always establish a menu or map of contents of logical form and thinking about the client or internaut.
  2. It looks for a domain with your name of company and if she were occupied next than she does not create confusions or it distinguishes you in the searches. It avoids to include scripts or names too extensive and difficult to memorise. It tries to reserve to different extensions .es .com among others.
  3. With your domain and analyzing the competition, it marks the key words (keywords) that define to your company and your product or service, to realise one first approach to the study of natural positioning (SEO) of your Web.
  4. It establishes one first selection of the contents of your Web according to the architecture of the page and chords to the image that you want to project.
  5. Assure that your webpage to you this optimized for movable devices.

You want to know more on design Web responsive? 80% of the traffic Web are obtained from movable devices, adapts your Web urgently.

These first actions we will see them with more detail in next post of our blog. As always we invited to give to a look to our plans for Web and other services to you for companies that want to be in the universe online and the first positions. If you have some doubt or you prefer that we advise to you from the beginning in customseopackages itself we offer the best plans Web and an equipment of experts to your service.

Tips and action to obtain the best design of your new Web of company
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