To invest in positioning and updating your Web of company is the new tendency and exigency to survive in the future businesses.

Many companies that still consider if he is advisable or not to be updated in the universe online or - the one that is more serious do not count on commercial Web, does not know that 80% of their clients look for their services or products through Internet.

And what is more peculiar is than of that 80%, the great majority of internauts uses smartphone and looks for all type of information not only through a navigator, but in social networks. The technology advances of vertiginous form and the companies are forced to adapt to her or “to die?, in this sense the usability, design Web and the positioning Web are factors that all the companies would have to take care of with affection.

If these in Internet you do not exist

The phrase so many times repeated “if you are not in Internet, you do not exist? and that every day receives felt major, now it counts on an added factor: if you do not move by means of social networks or publications either you will exist. This effect takes place by the laws of the positioning that impose the main finders (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and the tendency to virtualize the daily world: to communicate, to buy, to manage, to contract,… everything what it surrounds to us is overturned in a navigator, in a service Web, a social network.

For the incredulous ones they only must go to this news. App that dominates the Whatsapp market since the Facebook giant took control of the company that develops it is giving a turn in its functionalities, first with the launching of for Whatsapp Business and in the future incorporating purchases. And yet prognosis, an important portion of the pie of the businesses will move by this movable application.

The USA tools and techniques SEO to adapt your business to the new enterprise exigencies “online?.

As it affects business?

The answer is: of very diverse forms.
Next we are going to analyze what supposes not to be in Internet or to be anyway.

Losing clients. 

Not to count on presence in Internet or of obsolete or incomplete form at the moment is serious erroooorr. The clients who look for new services or products will look for the first references in the network of networks between the first results. Without Web, without location in Google Maps, nor references to a telephone or direction, anybody he will find him because literally HE DOES NOT EXIST.

Really, he will lose potential clients and in the long run he will suppose a greater effort and investment to him in traditional publicity or tele-marketing to compensate this situation. To means or length term there will be lost more money than the one than could have destined to a Web with a plan of basic positioning and a profile in social networks managed good.

Yielding against the competition.

In response to the previous point, companies exist that put over this argument their position privileged in the market. Companies of long trajectory, with a product or service very specialized and so “clients of all the life? call.

But in all those years they have not been stopped to analyze the competition and the companies that can have arisen with a similar idea or safe from a great idea. Those new companies analyze weak strength and try to give a step forward in improving presents it. And between strength one is to offer a present image, online and the calls TIC (Technologies of the Information and the Communication). And they win to you by made goals in the land online.

But what has of those clients of all the life? If your funnel or funnel of sales is directed to a client who ages, in some years she will change the profile of your “client of all the life? and who replaces it she will have other tastes or tendencies or simply the commercial law action of the competition will finish snatching the portfolio to you of clients.

Effects on your corporative image.

If your business counts already on a Web but he is not present, again errooooor. It would be more recommendable than you were not in the network to be of that one way. A old fashioned Web possibly does not adapt correctly to the new movable devices and that design of end of century XX also leaves much to be desired with respect to the clients who visit it. Like in the previous case, it supposes a very expensive invoice as corporative image, that is intangible, but will finally repel in the form of clients and income.

Also the youngest competition will lean in that weakness to be different themselves and to remove benefit from its obsolescence.

Success onlineWhat solutions we propose to you from customseopackages to you?

To already make their webpage with the last technology, with a quality positioning that within considered time is able to locate to you enters the main positions of the market.

In addition to that, to raise a little brandedcontent (marketing of contents) and to direct part of the communication with your clients by means of your own Web or through social networks. That feedback and measuring the results, will allow you to update your commercial strategy.

And finally, if you gave to a new air to your corporative image or the form him to present your service or products to you, or by means of a plan of marketing and communication, you will secure some impressive results.

To position themselves or to die: the new exigencies for #empresas in the universe online #posicionamientoweb #SEO Click to tuitear
To position themselves or to die: the new exigencies for companies in the universe online
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