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How to do linkbuilding natural

All that we dedicated to the arduous task of the positioning SEO we looked for the naturalness of our connections so that Mr. Google does not interpret to us as Spam, but What is a natural connection? And most important How with himself?

What is a natural connection?

We begin to define that it is a natural connection, […]

How to obtain that my Web prevails?

The digital world and Internet are the future present and of the companies, and are therefore also the used means more with a great difference. At the moment presence in Internet is not had if nonaccounts with twitter, facebook fanpages, Google +, Linkedin, landing pages or your own blog… The present consumer is eager for information, and now he is the own consumer who actively looks for the information that interests to him and it contributes value to him.  There are many people and companies that create their own webpages, but then, they do not know how to cause that this Web prevails.

The presence in Internet is fundamental, cannot be in Internet of any way, the presence online must of being agreed to the identity and to the type of language that uses the own brand. If we investigated by Internet, we will see very many webpages that are not chords to the needs that have the own clients.


Advice so that your store online sells more

When you are thinking to open a business online, you must have several aspects in account, with the purpose of selling still more.

Which are the basic things that will do that bandage more with your store online?

to sell more store online


Plugins optimizes your WordPress with these 28

As we counted in our post previous where we spoke to you of best plugins of positioning for SEO in wordpress, today we would like to teach to you some plugin that they will help you to optimize your Web, and of this form you will be able to position better your Web in Google. To tell you that you do not have to use all simultaneously serious an ERROR! it chooses those that but interest to you and improves the yield of your Web.

It discovers that plugins is going to help to you to optimize your Wordpress?



Plugins SEO for WordPress

When you consider to begin a campaign of SEO in your own Web, SEO is a group of plugins that is fundamental if you use WordPress, of these elije a single plugin since they are incompatible to each other and on the other hand they realise the same functions.

You want to optimize your WordPress for SEO?

If […]

Comparative of the 5 better tools SEO

From the tools SEO, the professionals of the sector deduce what action perfectly to undertake so that the positioning Web of its company does not lose bellows. With regard to the optimization Web we will offer here the best comparative of tools SEO to you so that you deepen in its knowledge and you know which to choose at every moment, following the parameters that you want to examine.


Advice of Social Average for SMEs

At the moment to count on an equipment of marketing online in each company has become something fundamental to consider to have a greater repercussion, since it is the most effective form for the communication between the own companies and the possible clients.

For this reason, it is an aspect fundamental to consider, we are a company, great, median and even small.


It learns to create your own brand · Advice on Marketing Online

Nowadays the competition in Internet is something Brutal then, What we can make to differentiate to us from the rest of the companies? The answer is easy: We must cause that our own brand has an identity and is present at strong.

However, we begin by the principle. You remember first that you have looked for in Internet this morning? Surely he was something that really you needed to know. During the last “Party Campus� statistical ones were seen several on the form of consumption in Internet that lets glimpse the tendencies […]

9 of plugins WordPress for nascent

In Décimoarte we are specialized in the design of webpages and his positioning and thanks to it, often for social networks you have asked plugins to us that are more recommendable for WordPress. And and mainly more important, what type of plugins we recommended for people who do not have much experience nor knowledge in WordPress, which in addition they were easy to use and to install.


Abilities of community manager

All the people cannot be community good manager, but they reunite a series of characteristics and abilities that usually are common and do to them more efficient.
Today we would like to speak of a series of techniques, abilities etc. that usually are common in good community manager, being some totally essential, and completely recommendable others.

What type of abilities usually has good community manager? […]

Why to contract a Community professional manager

Lately the figure of the Community Manager is a little discredited, this is because it has been left into the hands of “Scholarship holders� and people without the sufficient and necessary formation. Despite if we contracted the services of a Community professional Manager this is going to us to report great benefits as much to short as in the long term, and is that we do not have to forget that Internet is the future present and of the businesses, therefore cannot lose the opportunity to use it as weapon as much in:

  • Publicity
  • Marketing

community manager


Why to use WordPress?

Nowadays the demand to create a webpage in WordPress is increasing, but for which this CMS has become so popular?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a system of management of contents (CMS) very intuitive and easy to use, if in addition you have knowledge […]