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Why to make your own Web HE ISN'T PROFITABLE?

At the moment they exist in the network multitude of programs of free access that allow to make Webs of “low cost? despite this IS NOT RECOMMENDABLE for most people.

Why he isn't recommendable? In the majority of the cases he is not profitable due to the cost-opportunity relation. That is to say, if your objective is to do something that is not of your battle area, the time that you are going to dedicate to make all this type of activities is going to be much greater to the one than it would dedicate another person whom really it controls plus the subject. Arrived at this point we do not have to forget that:

=Dinero time

This means that the time that you are squandering in making your own webpage, you will not be dedicating it to produce in your business.


Tips for Community Manager inexperienced

Any Community manager that boasts, must follow a series of you rule that they will cause that their work is effective, and that really is able to arrive at target group to which goes. […]

Design Web, usability and SEO

A long time ago, long time, the design Web, the usability and the SEO were very different things, sure, we were in the dawn of Internet and everything has evolved much, as much that now simply site that does not have a good integration of its design Web, a correct usability and a good SEO […]

Social, fundamental networks in SEO

social networks provide to the brand relevance in google. Therefore to the question, do the social networks really help to position in Google? The answer is full, IF.

As we already commented in the article Community manager or SEO? Although until this moment they were different figures, more and more begin to be fused in one, carrying out complementary tasks to each other. One of the present tactics of most successful is the integration of the social networks to obtain good SEO. […]

Marketing of contents he is the king?

All the independent companies, SMEs or look for to viralizar their contents by the network, with the aim of having greater visibility in finders and thus to obtain more clients, but how obtained is this? in much measurement with the marketing of contents, therefore if they ask to me; is the marketing of contents the king? My answer is fully IF. […]

As creating a success webpage

We are going to explain as creating a webpage so that our business is more successful and is present in Internet, not only you must create an attractive webpage but also that you must contemplate other important aspects, remembers that your webpage is your better calling card. […]

Community Manager or SEO?

Community Manager or SEO? This question many companies become that look for it more presence in Internet, but what difference has between these two profiles? In my opinion they complement one to another one, although with some shades.

In my opinion as much the SEO as the Community Manager looks for the same: “the success of a company or professional in Internet?, but As they are the tasks of both? In its way towards securing that a brand and its products more are recognized both profiles they will be in many occasions. […]

How to position your Web in Google

How to position your webpage in Google, this it is the greater challenge of your business.

After the last changes in the algorithms of Google, first Panda, later Penguin with its 2,1 update and lately Hummingbird, the SEO has returned to give a turn.

Now the quality exigency is greater, your articles, announcements and post (linkbuilding) meticulously is reviewed by these algorithms, so how we can position a webpage and be successful? […]

How to improve the SEO of your Web

The majority of the blogs is positioned thanks to the fact that they have published content of quality, are extended habitually with new entrances, etc… being interesting for the finders, but the majority correctly is not optimized.

Because to lose possible clients or readers?

We begin by the principle, to consider a strategy beginning SEO will help us much, as much in the optimization as in the later positioning of our Blog or webpage, the new exigencies of the world online cause that the companies need to position themselves or will be led the failure. […]

Hashtag on Facebook

Facebook announced this Wednesday the introduction of labels or hashtags, which must allow that the conversations and commentaries of the internauts are grouped by thematic preceded of the sign #, in the style of Twitter.


The hearing will be able to be controlled at which [arrive the commentaries “…]

Google+ improves your positioning Web

Nowadays the social networks have become a springboard to impel our projects Web, but there are differences among them who affect to as positioning to us in Internet, to obtain but reputation or to spread our contents between more professional sectors.

At this point everybody knows Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, but a tool […]

To write bolds, cursive… in Google+

Forms to write in Google+

Google+ is more than another platform of blogs as WordPress, since it does not have a limit of characters, all the shipments can be published, to publish images and videos, and it is even available use simple of brands to give format to the messages:

Bold – To add to a star (*) around […]