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Action of positioning Web SEO

Next we summarized the positioning actions Web SEO that we considered basic to begin to position a website:


– Analysis: Audit of its website.
– Design Web, usability and navigability
– Analysis of the sector to which you go.
– Strategy to follow
– Optimization Web: Friendly with the finders. Optimized metadata, creation of sitemap.xml, Google Analytics, Robots.txt […]

Positioning Web SEO, advantages and definition


positioning Web

The SEO consists of conducting battle, strategies and techniques to obtain that a webpage appears in the first positions within the results of a finder, in relation to a series of words or terms.
One of the main aspirations of all page […]

Positioning with *microformatos*

The finders or are able to read and to interpret schemas or microformats, reason why SEO is very interesting facing our positioning, informing to the finders that class of webpage, products, organization, event, etc… is the one that this reading.

Here you we left […]

The first positions in Google

Lately we received requests of the type “I want to appear first in google “, and if… it is possible, but you do not create that there is a red little button to which punctures and already! not…

… this does not work thus, the only guarantee that you have of being able to appear in the first positions of Google is working monthly and following the quality directives that offer [to us…]

By to you|Positioning Web|Commentaries deactivated in the first positions in Google

Google Tag Manager

Why it serves to Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager gives back the control to us of our code of a fast, gratuitous and intuitive form. What does is to allow the aggregate or the edition of the labels directly from Tag Manager instead of to enter to the code of the site in himself, also reducing to the amount of errors that […]

Stages nail in design of webpages

For the correct creation and design of webpages we must consider three stages:

First it is the design Web (layouts). In this stage one works distributing the text, graphs, bonds to other documents and other objects multimedia that is considered pertinent.  It is a very important stage since […]

It makes profitable your webpage

Nowadays anyone can design and develop a webpage, but to remove started off to him, to make profitable it and to secure a good content already are another history.

So that a webpage works must have a base of programming and correct labels HTML, […]

4 factors of success in Internet

Social usability, design Web, networks and positioning Web, these are the four keys of the success.

USABILITY. It at great length studies all that with the usability of your webpage, structures it correctly, it uses color codes to guide the users by your site, is important to know in what […]

Text writing rules SEO

A text SEO has the purpose of helping to the website to position itself visibly within the quoted finders more as Google, Yahoo! or Bing, the text writing Web must be oriented to the optimization of the content and structures of the site to be able to approach the first places search. Next we presented 5 […]

Development video for Cruz Roja

DĂ©cimoarte produces the video of presentation of DAYS CR, which projected in 8Âş Days of pick up of bottoms of Cruz Roja, event celebrated in Madrid.
We invited to see the result to you, that it benefits!

Accessibility Web

The accessibility Web talks about to the capacity of access to the Web and its contents by all the people independent of the incapacity (physical, intellectual or technical) who present or from that they are derived from the use context (technological or environmental). This quality intimately is related to the usability.

When the websites […]