All the people cannot be community good manager, but they reunite a series of characteristics and abilities that usually are common and do to them more efficient.
Today we would like to speak of a series of techniques, abilities etc. that usually are common in good community manager, being some totally essential, and completely recommendable others.

What type of abilities usually has good community manager?

Good community manager must be:

  • A creative person. Unfortunately, usually they are not had economic resources as campaigning super. This causes that it is practically indispensable that community manager that is managing our networks, she is a very creative person as well, and, thinks about “how to? to make novel and interesting things, without having to make a great economic payment.
  • Spokesman of the brand. He does not have to express his own personal opinion, or to manage the networks as if it was his personal account. Therefore, he must of being somebody “Humble one? and that knows to give to value and answer to the commentaries of the followers.
  • He must know how to give answer as much to positive feedback as to the negative. Without being indifferent, nor either aggressive.
  • He must know how to put themselves in the place of the consumer being empathic, and simultaneously, to transfer the opinion of these to the own company.
  • Often, the own social networks usually are the fastest means to express their opinion, this is going to produce that critics of a quite frequent form take place. This factor, is going to do indispensable that community manager has enough developed to the patience, giving as much answer as solution to the complaints and critics of the clients, and in case community manager cannot solve the problem by itself, to provide the contact to him of the person who if it can do it.

That characteristic more basic usually has the Community manager?
Community manager usually is people:

  • Organized
  • Resolutivas
  • Self-taughts person
  • Freaks of the technology and the social average
  • They know to work in equipment
  • Leader
  • Moderator of masses
  • They must have common sense

Another type of abilities that are basic and complement to the Community manager:

  • Community manager communicates through the social networks, reason why it must have a good spelling and writing.
  • Obvious he must of being an expert in marketing, publicity and communication, and as well, being found out each one of the movements and action of the company.
  • The social networks are always renewing and innovating, therefore community manager must know it for its professional development perfectly.
  • Community manager must have experience in communication online.

Happened to you other are indispensable ones that must have a Community Manager?

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Abilities of community manager
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