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To position themselves or to die: the new exigencies for companies in the universe online

To invest in positioning and updating your Web of company is the new tendency and exigency to survive in the future businesses.

Many companies that still consider if he is advisable or not to be updated in the universe online or - the one that is more serious do not count on commercial Web, does not know that […]

Techniques and tools SEO 2019

Positioning Web SEO is advancing practically on a daily basis, as if it was a sprout that is happening through all the phases of life, is born, becomes a boy, later adolescent and now an adult that tell you as making the things and if them beams good do not punish to you, […]

5 keys to improve your positioning Web

Search engine optimization has become something essential so that your website secures visibility, therefore visits and major capacity to secure conversions, but what key takes to us to position to us in front of our competition.

Next we will see 5 keys that will contribute to improve your positioning Web once optimized your blog […]

Tiered link building in positioning Web SEO

Tiered link building? is what commonly pyramid of connections? or “link is called “building of levels?. And it is one of the positioning techniques extended and forceful Web SEO more.

If you want to understand a little better how link works tiered building, a clear and concise definition would be the construction of connections by levels, that is to say, is to be diversifying backlinks in different type from layers, trying who harnesses the link flow juice. Often facing a positioning strong Web, the best thing is to design a meticulous strategy and very thought. […]

How to optimize articles for SEO

Hallelujah! You have already been able to write your fabulous text to prevail in Internet, but you publish and… nothing, passes nothing, and you ask yourself But is my article brilliant and differentiator? NO? Why it doesn't position well in the index of Google? I have done something badly? … Your article is surely not optimized for SEO.

This happens more and than you can be imagined, to prevail with your articles is difficult and tedious, but to consider certain you rule and positioning strategies Web at the time of creating your publications will help you to that Google wants to you just a little bit more, you will not get to be loving, but it will do ojitos to you. […]

How to do linkbuilding natural

All that we dedicated to the arduous task of the positioning SEO we looked for the naturalness of our connections so that Mr. Google does not interpret to us as Spam, but What is a natural connection? And most important How with himself?

What is a natural connection?

We begin to define that it is a natural connection, […]

Comparative of the 5 better tools SEO

From the tools SEO, the professionals of the sector deduce what action perfectly to undertake so that the positioning Web of its company does not lose bellows. With regard to the optimization Web we will offer here the best comparative of tools SEO to you so that you deepen in its knowledge and you know which to choose at every moment, following the parameters that you want to examine.


Design Web, usability and SEO

A long time ago, long time, the design Web, the usability and the SEO were very different things, sure, we were in the dawn of Internet and everything has evolved much, as much that now simply site that does not have a good integration of its design Web, a correct usability and a good SEO […]

Marketing of contents he is the king?

All the independent companies, SMEs or look for to viralizar their contents by the network, with the aim of having greater visibility in finders and thus to obtain more clients, but how obtained is this? in much measurement with the marketing of contents, therefore if they ask to me; is the marketing of contents the king? My answer is fully IF. […]

Community Manager or SEO?

Community Manager or SEO? This question many companies become that look for it more presence in Internet, but what difference has between these two profiles? In my opinion they complement one to another one, although with some shades.

In my opinion as much the SEO as the Community Manager looks for the same: “the success of a company or professional in Internet?, but As they are the tasks of both? In its way towards securing that a brand and its products more are recognized both profiles they will be in many occasions. […]

How to position your Web in Google

How to position your webpage in Google, this it is the greater challenge of your business.

After the last changes in the algorithms of Google, first Panda, later Penguin with its 2,1 update and lately Hummingbird, the SEO has returned to give a turn.

Now the quality exigency is greater, your articles, announcements and post (linkbuilding) meticulously is reviewed by these algorithms, so how we can position a webpage and be successful? […]

How to improve the SEO of your Web

The majority of the blogs is positioned thanks to the fact that they have published content of quality, are extended habitually with new entrances, etc… being interesting for the finders, but the majority correctly is not optimized.

Because to lose possible clients or readers?

We begin by the principle, to consider a strategy beginning SEO will help us much, as much in the optimization as in the later positioning of our Blog or webpage, the new exigencies of the world online cause that the companies need to position themselves or will be led the failure. […]