Our friendly of Okodia, agency of translation, us have facilitated advice who you must consider at the time of translating your store online, thanks for your collaboration with customseopackages to you.

In what language must be my store online? She is one of the questions that we more listened in Okodia in the projects to translate ecommerce and that surely also will listen to the professionals who, as customseopackages , dedicate themselves to you to this complicated one, but funny digital world.

To correctly choose the language or the languages that your Web speaks is, perhaps, the most important decision that you take this year, so is worth the trouble to dedicate all our attention to him and, by all means, yours. We go to it?


To translate ecommerce: the profile of your clients

In Okodia we had been long time in this world and we can assure to you that most of the companies that are sent to translate their Web without simply planning previously the type of clients at whom they want to arrive, They fail.

Thus, the first advice who we can give you before raising you the translation of your store online is that you draw the profile type of the clients to whom you are going to direct the digital contents: nationality, mother tongue, dialects of the region where they live, fashion, gastronomy, I interest, customs of purchase, habits of purchase online, etc.


To translate ecommerce: who much sandal, little tightens

Sound this does proverb, truth to You? Although it seems “viejuno? is a truth as a temple that also has capacity in that modern called specialty “to translate Web?. In this sense, in the one to translate ecommerce, the advice is quite simple mainly if you are beginning with your store online: he chooses one or two countries different from yours and commands to translate Web to only one or two different languages. It seems that we are throwing stones on our own tile roof because one of the specialties of Okodia is, indeed, the translation ecommerce, but create to me, you the tenth thing by experience. If you insist on making translate your virtual store to thousands and different languages you will have:

  1. To invest to very many money in a translation quality Web that includes so much the visible texts as those texts that your client does not see, but that they are vital at the time of the positioning SEO: labels ALT of the images, titles, subtitles, metadescripciones, etc.
  2. To invest a considerable budget in engaging professionals of marketing online who promote your store online in the different countries where you try to sell. To that money add the costs to him of spent time to maintain meetings, to read information, to analyze problems, search solutions, etc.
  3. To invest the budget necessary to engage quality editors so that they write up cards of your products Web or, by default, to send to translate each of these cards to an agency with experience resisted in translating commercial Web.


And the question of the million: in what languages I translate my store online?  

And now you will ask yourself, how I choose that pair of foreign languages among the hundreds of languages that are spoken in the world? There is no a unique and infallible answer, but there are some norms nonwritten that can come to you well, for example:

  1. We like more or we like less, the English is the commercial language par excellence. With that it tenth everything.
  2. The Chinese mandarin is the language more spoken of the world, but your budget is limited from Okodia we did not advise to you that you choose it to translate your store online. The reason is not the complexity of the language in himself, but the complexity to arrive at the heart and the pocket from a group from clients with some cultural, idiomatic roots and of consumption so different that you will need to contract a previous work of investigation before writing up and making translate the contents of your Web.
  3. If your budget is limited or you must just a short time to take this project avoids risks choosing an European language culturally near yours as, for example, German, Italian, Portuguese or French.
In what languages it must be my store online?
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