Positioning Web SEO is advancing practically on a daily basis, as if it was a sprout that is happening through all the phases of life, is born, becomes a boy, later adolescent and now an adult that if says to you as making the things and them beams good do not punish to you, almost always with reason. Shelp this and after all the algorithmic updates of Google (they are considered but of 500 to the year), or you renew or your project Web and your form to make SEO will take to you to spend time and any more.

We go to it, technical what SEO are at present but the interesting ones to approach the natural positioning of your project?.


The content continues being the king.

Google she is awarding the quality content that offers the webpages, likes the extension of the article, if 2000 words can be better than 500, but not with flesh without sense, but explaining and responding to questions that become the users, therefore to respond to questions who the users demand he is everything a success.

Marketing of Contents
Why is the content so important? 😉 Google gives priority to the written up contents good, without misspelling and of a certain extension, but Google looks for more, will look for synonymous, make semantic searches, will compare key words related, used images, videos, explanatory computer graphics, frequent surveys, questions… that is to say, contained that is able to transmit to the user a clear and specialized answer, if you fulfill these you rule Mr. Google wants just a little bit to you more, but already you know, if you create a good content and your Web is not optimized, you will have problems, everything it is important, it remembers here that the SEO as Raul, the legend of Madrid, was not the best one in nothing but was of the best players, so as Raul takes care of all the aspects of your Web and investigates to the maximum in as they are your weaknesses to improve.

You want to know how how to optimize your contents? , it reads our post on as to optimize contents to position itself in Google and positions to you as your contents are deserved.

It creates content habitually, be done a calendar of publications and it tries to fulfill it, if, there is times that are impossible, but tries it. Your competition is generating contained of quality and your no, and in addition weekly WARNING! You will have at least to equal it and to compete against them, they ten in account who if you generate content you will have more presence in social networks, aggregators of contents or forums and your Web will obtain traffic much more, but in addition you will lower percentage by ricochet of your website, which is another factor to more consider to improve, it remembers that an important factor is the time that the user is consulting your contents, for Google this is a way to measure if the contents have a certain quality.

The quality content is able to generate backlinks natural entrants, which as much Google demand, a usuary one reads the content and it shares it making a link in his social networks or blog, is what we called LinkBaiting.

To use Longtail is a good idea (key words of long tail) to compete with more specific keywords, thus you will secure results in the SERPs, if you do not use Longtail, that beginning, to get to position to you with key words of great competition will be complicated, nonimpossible but complicated. A way to know what words you can use to construct your longtail is the tool of Search Suggest.

search suggest

I recommend to you search that type of content interests your readers and knowledge that is “influencers? of your sector, to meet the type contents publishes and what new questions consider in their articles, they will give tracks to contribute your granite you to sand and power to generate interest content.

Social networks.

Google already considers (and much) the publications that share more in social networks, from these data determines if a publication has certain quality, not you confundais with…! It comes! I am going to share my article of 56 words in social networks and am going to position better NO! What is clear is that after the great traffic that is generating the social networks, many Webs have seen beneficiaries advanced positions in the finder, so to consider a strategy SEO without counting on the social networks is a clear error, in fact already are being seen “cameos? of Google with Twitter, collaborations as showing tweets in the results search of app of Google, even rumors the purchase of Twitter… we will see.

social networks

The social networks are going away to turn into the best showcase for your contents, good in fact already are it, so I recommend to you to begin to create your fanpages to share your fabulous contents of quality.

Movable devices.

If your webpage is not optimized for movable devices these in serious danger, no longer because Google penalizes to you (that also) but because the users who arrive at your website, will not be able to consult your contents easily, they will have many problems and they will go away to another Web that can read and interact better.

movable devices

A data to consider is that approximately 70% of the searches are through movable devices, and increases, reason why Google is putting special emphasis in this subject awarding to which they adapt and penalizing to that they do not do it, in fact has a tool so that you can verify if your Web is optimized for movable devices or no, here you have the link “Tool optimization movable?.

Local positioning.

You cannot let pass the opportunity to position you locally, mainly if you are a small or median company, can be the best exit to the brutal competition in the markets.

local positioning

If you dedicate yourself to mount events, you can use “events in Madrid? or “Madrid event? and to try to position to you at local level as well as possible.
You must register in directories as: Google My Bussines, Bing maps, Yellow pages, QDQ, FourSquare, Yalwa, Yelp, Opendi, Infobel or Hotfrog.

Ten in account that the searches via mobile are characterized for being local, mainly as far as commerces or establishments talks about, reason why to be positioned locally well in your sector will be a competitive advantage with respect to your competition.

Speed of load.

speed of loadThe speed of load is a determining factor for Google and for the user experience, the pages that take less time in serving the contents are awarded facing SEO reason why we will have to put special attention to this point.

It optimizes all the images that you use, you do not use too many style sheets (CSS) or too many JS (JavaScript), optimizes code HTML and if you use some manager of contents as WordPress, it avoids to install too many plugins, only uses the necessary ones.

The servant that you use to lodge your Web must count on the sufficient resources as showing your Web quickly, so that you become an idea, the answer of servant as of 200 Google milliseconds ignites the alert.

as I can know if my Web is optimized?, I recommend to you to begin by Google Page Speed Insights, a gratuitous tool, that offers excellent information to you to otimizar your webpage and it alerts to you on the slowness of the servant.

But very interesting tools exist that help much and at the time of auditing your Web, entering your structure of connections, to detect problems and “to spy? what it makes your competition.

Actions that accelerate the process of understanding of your Web by Google

Then if, the great finder needs to know that your Web goes, reason why wants to know as the users with her interact, reason why values as percentage by ricochet (when the user does not interact with your Web and he does not visit any page, signal to Google that the Web is not of a especially good content) low CTR, that is to say when you appear in a search but it does not puncture anybody, another bad signal, does my Web have users appellants? How long they remain in my Web consulting my contents? all these Google data need to process them to go to you placing within their index in the best positions, as we can improve this type of aspects?

Facebook ADS

The tools of payment to obtain to major traffic towards your sisio Web is a good alternative, if your Web has a good content then Google will begin to receive good signals of your Web.

It happens just like with Facebook ADs, Google Adwords (Google ADS) it is a platform that although is of payment is going to you to provide traffic of quality for your Web, if it beams or will arrive you usuary interested in the thematic one from your Web which causes that the percentage by ricochet possibly lowers or that the users return to your Web to consult your contents and are a considerable time sailing by your Web, here also enter another type of factors as “calls the attention? (Call to action) to harness that the users visit other sections of your webpage.

Means announcements

Kind to this, the means (periodic online) are quite good connections for your Web but all do not derive the authority that you think, although are good so that they arrive to you usuary, they ten well-taken care of and looks where you publish so that everything is not good, fixes to you to how many I connect projection has (in the page that you publish your connection) if they are DoFollow connections and if your article this relatively wax of the domain name.

OK- MIWEB.com/SEO/mi-articulo

BADLY MIWEB.com/SEO/madrid/mi-comunidad/madrid2/seo-local/todo-lo-que-debes-saber-sobre-seo/my-article

Good you understand to me truth?

Connected internal

The internal connected one of your Web is main so that your Web well is indexed by Google, connected the internal help to index your contents easily and that Google quickly knows which are your connected and therefore more important pages more, in addition the great finder needs that you indicate to him so that key words you want to position itself, the anchor text that you use to connect your pages will indicate to Google the terms nails by which you are wanted to position, so to derive “link juice? to the pages that interest to you more.

Certainly many are happened to you more methods to make your Web quickly is understood by Google, the best signal than it can receive is the one that the users send when sailing by your Web, following how do it therefore it will evaluate Google to you in a great percentage.


SEO Imprescindibles tools for 2019


One of my favorite tools, with her you will be able to audit your Web and to discover your weakness to improve them, you will know the Backlinks that you receive and which of them are toxic, you will only have desautarizalos with the tool “Disavow? of Google Search Console, with which you can be connected and have to your Backlinks disposition, duplicity of contents, indexing state… everything! , also you will be able to connect with Google Analytics, reason why also you will obtain all the data that offers.


The best advantage, to seem, that it offers SemRush it is the study of key words and the study of the competition, you will be able to compare with your competitors the organic visibility whom you have, the key words by which “fights? with them and the key words by which your competition is indexing in finders interesting truth?

SemRush it will also recommend ideas to you of optimization and how making but your strategy hard SEO, for my is worth the trouble to pay a monthly payment to have so excellent information. And by all means you will be able to create customized information with your own brand.



A tool similar to Semrush, offers the possibility to you of comparing up to 5 domains with respect to the Backlinks, you will be able to create customized information on the OnPage situation of the domain.


The best thing of AHrefs is the information that offers to you as far as Backlinks talks about, if they are originating connections of an image or text, that anchor text is used, which is the authority of the domains that connect to us, if it is a connection DoFollow or NoFollow, that I connect are of .com, .org, .net, .gov or. edu… (SemRush also gives these data us).


Open site to explorer of MOZ

It is a very interesting tool, in fact as much the domain authority IT GIVES as the page authority PA of MOZ they are very necessary and many tools use their data.


Like the previous tools monitor the Backlinks that a domain receives, including the level of Spam (SPAMSCORE) of the Backlinks, it will also indicate backlinks obtained to you recently. In his gratuitous version it offers much information to you on backlinks that it receives a domain, but the consultations are limited, you will only be able to analyze three domains in a day.

These three tools along with Google Search console they are of great interest and I consider them essential if you want to monitor the excellent data of your Web and those of your competition, the information is to be able.



It is necessary to put the batteries, to use everything what this a your reach to be able to undertake OnPage action or OffPage action, spreads your contents, studies what makes your competition and where you can mark a goal to them.

If you like the article would be thankful to you that you shared it. Thanks!

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Techniques and tools SEO 2019
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