Prepared your is store online to sell more?

The purchases online are increased according to the season of the year in which we are, for example in Christmases, but you cannot let pass the opportunity and to be preparation for other important dates of the calendar, the following ten in account to have your ecommerce optimized for your clients:

  • black friday  Black Friday: 27 of November.
  • to cyber monday Cyber Monday: 30 of November.

Both two commercial celebrations of American origin, that since the end of November they urge his clients to acquire his products by means of incredible supplies.

If you have a good positioning, in your Web a considerable increase of visits in the mentioned dates would have to take place and the latest that we try is that your visitors do not feel attracted reason why they are, by this turns out from vital consideration to have all optimized images. E-Commerce advances and the stores online look for increasing professionalism.

Lauren Freedman, President of the E-tailing Group, during Internet Retail Conference Exhibition (IRCE) confirmed that the information on a product would have to offer good images, impressive and of quality, as part of the experience of the user.

Also he presented Report IRCE where 75% of the survey consumers agreed in that the quality of the images of the product to acquire turns out to be the determining characteristic at the time of realising a purchase online, followed to offer more different seeing with a 66% and of images with zoom lens 61%. In addition, according to another survey formulated by the Line of vision Website Optimizer, “the larger images increase the sales a 9%�. Therefore, he is vitally important that your images are of high quality.

optimized images stores online

Next we enumerated the most excellent requirements for the images of your e-commerce generate the greater impact in your visits:

  1. Sizes

The small images are not effective as sale instrument, therefore, it is important that the images have an opportune size.
As it regulates general, the product images for use online, will be as minimum of 2000 pixels in their longer side, so that:

  • We can use the zoom lens functionality on the images.
  • Your images will meet the requirements necessary to be accepted in Amazon, eBay and Rakuten.
  1. The functionality “Zoom lens�

He is vitally important that your potential clients can make zoom lens on the image to visualize the details of the product that interests to them. The functionality of zoom lens in your store online obtains by means of simple plugin that the majority of shopping carts already offers. Whether your Web has or not this functionality, assures to show several images to you of detail, including photos that reveal those characteristics of the product which they are excellent.

  1. Alignment and margins

To align of the same form all product images provides a professional vision of your pages of product category, obtaining one better experience of purchase for your clients. Also it is important to put of relevance that the clean and professional product pages generate a greater confidence in your clients, increasing the reputation of your store online.

  1. Shades

With a good illumination, a short shade will be able to contribute to major depth and body to your images.
We can use several types of shade:

  • The parallel shade (drops) is very useful and effective, and can be created during the accomplishment of the photos or in post-production.
  • The projected shades can be obtained using a natural light source as a window, or by means of the positioning of study lights.
  • Whereas the reflection shades are generated using a reflecting surface under the product during the session of photos or simulating it in post-production.
  1. White bottoms

A simple white bottom usually is indicated for the majority of products, since it allows us to use the same images in Amazon, eBay and Rakuten. We recommend to use the same bottom for all the photographies of products of your Web, being obtained therefore a consistent and professional image in all the site.

  1. Angles

Whatever more seeing you offer of your better product is going to work your rate of conversion. These extra angles will help their potential clients to understand the size of the product as well as to visualize better all details.

In order to define a product well it is absolutely necessary to take photos from the part of advantage, back, in diagonal, from down, from above, of the interior and its more significant details.
It agrees to put themselves in the place of your clients and to pose all those questions or curiosities that can have of the product to sell.

  1. Color

It is fundamental that your images show the color of trustworthy way so that the client knows that she is going to receive and thus to diminish the returns.
It agrees to know that the screens and the navigators can interpret the colors differently. In order to resolve this problem and to assure to us that the images of your products are most perfect possible, you will have to modify your archives .jpeg with the profile of color SRGB.

  1. Accessories

To use complementary accessories in the images of your products can help to understand better all functionalities and characteristics, as well as their real size. Nevertheless, it agrees to make sure that they do not distract the attention of your clients of the product and only uses them in one of the photos of the series.

  1. It compresses your images

All the product images of your store online will have to be correctly compressed for format Web. That is to say, in a format with little weight, sacrificing the less possible quality of the same, so that your page goes faster and the clients do not have load problems.

  • You do not use formats RAW, tiff.
  • It compresses the images to format JPG suitably.

Perhaps at the outset is to you a slow and tedious process, but we can assure to you that with it practices and dedication you will end up producing as professional images as those that from customseopackages itself we developed for the stores online of our clients.

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