WordPress has become one of the managers of used contents more at the time of creating a webpage, with its gratuitous platform you can be created a blog easily, normally comes almost everything installed and you do not have to touch nothing else, simply to put to you to write your articles, that easy, but and if you want to form your own WordPress in your own hosting? After the installation already you can begin to write your entrances, but you know that thousands of plugins exist that you can make the easiest life?

They almost exist plugins for everything, but some that you must install almost always, or at least I recommend it to you, are plugins of cache (Examples: Super Cache and Total Cache), to increase the speed of load of your blog, plugins of SEO (examples: YoastBy SEO and All in one SEO), to describe your pages by means of the metadata, plugins of security (Example: All in One Security) or one that seems to me essential, some themes bring it by defect, but you will have to buy it in Themforest.net (for example), it is the pluginVisual Composer, it will allow you to create customized structures of your content, to add galleries of images, forms, columns, texts, videos… of everything! But how they settle these wonderful plugins? We go to it.

First step:
In the right menu of your screen it punctures in Plugins/To add new

 to install plugins wordpress

Secondly step:
Once you make click in adding new will open another screen where you will be able search plugins, if in this case we looked for, for example, “YOAST SEO? we will obtain a listing of plugins that respond to that search, we punctured in “installing now? of plugin that interests to us.

to install plugins wordpress 

Third step:
Once you have pressed in “installing? plugin now will settle automatically, you will only have to activate it so that you can form it from the menu of WordPress.

to install plugin wordpress

EUREKAAAAA! You have already installed your plugin correctly, normally plugins usually they are added to the menu of the left as an item, if it is not thus, throws a look in adjustments more, sometimes is included in this eyelash.

Step four:
Either you have finalized to install your plugin, now will only have left to form it for your webpage, following plugin will be to you the more easy or the more complicated, she depends on plugin, but generally he is very intuitive and you will not have problems, if in some plugin you clog yourself, looks for in Don Google as she is formed, certainly you find as.

to install plugin wordpress

I hope that you it has been of utility, now it continues learning and turns you into an expert.


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