Speaking with a client, I have realized of which the new companies need not only to have “a good? Web but they also need advising on as impelling his business online, or its webpage, blog or store online, to impel a website, not only are to create social networks, to do a blog to you and to share your products, this is very or, but the thing goes beyond.

Sometimes he is not recommendable that you yourself you become your webpage if you do not have the necessary knowledge, you can waste long time and in the end you will have to go to a professional.

It takes care of the images that you use in your Web

Something that many Webs do not do, is used any image that is and point well, if, the same Google does not consider certain aspects of your image, but and the users? Eoooooooo, is the problem of your miserly image here that you have found that way, if you want to sell more or than your products or services they are sold “single? or you take care of the images that you use or surely you are not able to remove the best party to him.


A good practice is to decide what type of images goes better and so you want to communicate your potential clients, white bottoms, young people, pale colors, with greater resistance… once chosen the style of your images, your design Web will have much more coherence and balance, the users will read better your contents, the Web will be cleaner and comprehensible.

Furthermore assure that the design of your webpage is responsive and they are seen correctly in all the movable dipositivos, something to you crucial at present you want to know but on design Web responsive.

It analyzes your competition and it investigates to that I publish goes and that type of images uses, he tries to be creative and to happen to him through the right humming towards the success.

It creates your social profiles and you do it well

If, it creates your social networks or Fanpages, but do it well, not only to create your profile I put an image to him, and pulls ahead to share! , you can do it thus but it is not for anything advisable.


With your user, if, that with which joint parties your photos, jokes, videos and other contents on Facebook or Goolge+, create a page to you of your business, which you will be able to administer it with your user of always, this page which you create, is not a profile, she is one “fanpage? of company where you can fill up your Geo-location, products, webpage, services, telephone of contact, schedules and other data of interest for the users who look for your brand or services.

Each social network will let to you load a head and a logo, reason why it uses an insolent image that represents your business correctly.

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It uses in all the social networks the same e-mail and phone numbers and directions, this way “you will make official? your social networks facing the web search engines (Google+ gives the option you to insert a label “to rel=Publisher? to identify your page of Google+ with your website, this way him tenth to Google that are the source of the content that feeds that Fanpage).

Here I leave the dimensions you of the images that you must use in your social networks, I leave these five you:

180 180 xs px.
Image of cover: 851 315 xs px.
Photo post: 1200 630 xs px.
Video post: 504 283 xs px.

Photo of profile:
400 X.400 px.
Headed image of: 1500 X.500 px.
Image of a Tweet: 1024 512 xs px.

Image of profile:
250 250 xs px.
Image of head: 1080 608 xs px.
Shared images: 497 373 xs px.

Image of profile: 100 100 xs px.
Image of head: 2560 xs 1440 px.
Video: 1280 720 xs px.

Image of profile: 60 60 xs px.
Image of the board: 216 146 xs px.
Image of the pin: 236 infinite xs px.

Image of profile: 400 X.400 px.
Image of head: 1000 425 xs px.

Once created your social networks raise a strategy to you to follow, you do a calendar of publications and indicates the day and in what social network public, previously you will have to create contents, articles in your blog, images, computer graphics, videos and other contents of quality that later you will share, once analyzed the metric ones you will be able to draw conclusions from what type of contents they are more attractive for your potential clients, in addition you will know in that it borders hour your followed publications with more, an advice, it visits Botize.com and it automates tasks.

It creates Content… and of quality

if you want to blunt, I do not claim to you to be a guru, and to secure a certain number of followers, you will have to create content, and in addition to quality, thus you will obtain that your publications are shared most frequently, the best one of the SEOS is the naturalness and thus you will obtain it, is what commonly we called link baiting.

quality content

  1. Publications in your blog (at least 2 monthly ones, if you have time and you can publish weekly a brilliant one).
  2. It creates computer graphics, are very shared.
  3. If you have a channel of YouTube, ahead with your videos, remembers that YouTube lodges the second position in volume of searches behind all powerful Google.
  4. Articles of depth, from time to time and whenever you can spend time to him to a subject of your thematic one and deepen widely with a post of more than 2000 words in which you shell all the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, videos, computer graphics… this article type is very evaluated by Google.
  5. It only creates articles for your followers in a certain social network, is your public and it waits for the best thing of you.
  6. It writes articles as invited author, What does not invite anybody to you? In customseopackages proponnos a subject to you and we will give you via free, but there are sites as articulosz in which you can registers and to write up post and to easily be able to you to publish your contents, this way podeis to write on your thematic one and to connect it with your webpage, it looks! You already begin to connect your Web and to improve your SEO.

Following the niche of users to whom you go you will have to create different contents, they ten in account the type of communication that you are going to use, each public is different, young, majors, suppliers, clients…

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It uses Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Google Search Console is a gratuitous tool that offers Google to us and is simply brilliant, gives information you of great interest;  state of the indexing of your URLs, information on the configuration of your robots.txt, you will be able to send sitemaps and to see the internal links and those that aim towards your webpage, a really interesting information.

google search console

In addition you will be able to verify the movable usability of your website, but not only this but you will have very good information on the key words of your website, in aim it dates a return and it discovers all advantages.

As far as Google Analytics, what to tell you, he is indispensable to analyze visits, origin, operating systems, navigating from which we received the social visits, networks, behaviors, information of Google Adwords and a countless number of excellent information so that you can have the absolute control of your campaigns of marketing online… and in addition is FREE 😉

In order to close the circle it gives a business of discharge in Google MyBussines to be able to compete by the searches by map, although that is another history, but do it.

In summary and not to extend me more, the creation of your Web is the starting point, from your you are the one there that you decide if you imply yourself to the 100% on your marketing online, is your business Take care of it.

The importance of the maintenance Web and advising online
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