Search engine optimization has become something essential so that your website secures visibility, therefore visits and major capacity to secure conversions, but what key takes to us to position to us in front of our competition.

Next we will see 5 keys that will contribute to improve your positioning Web once optimized your blog or website, if you want to consult more information on optimization Web, I recommend this post to you “As optimizing articles for SEO�.


The quality content is essential

It looks for contents that contribute value and that the user can understand easily, if you are beginning with a new project you can look for the key words that they interest in Google and to see to you what type of contents uses your competition, create a file to you and you veto sticking texts that seem to you interesting, pon special attention to the synonymous ones and key words that are used around the keyword main, Google will look for them, from already you have a base here to begin to write your texts, to see as they differentiate to you and as you must use, that if you do not copy and you beat will be contained duplicate.

The USA computer graphics to explain contents, are very shared and the users every time demand them more, you can explain how to use a tool or what is the process of a certain service that you offer… if you do not have design knowledge Web you can create computer graphics in easily for example, although are many more.

Ten in account all the types of content who you can use and ÚSALOS, videos, computer graphics, texts, images, pdfs, manuals, guides… uses the head and ponte to think about that contained they interest your potential clients to him and ponte “TO CREATE�.


Pon in march a blog

But…! taken care ofdo it with sense, it investigates that words or terms nail complement your site and uses them (without happening to you), speech of subjects that complement your products or your thematic one to harness the global density of key words. In addition it facilitates that your readers can subscribe easily to your blog and sends additional information to them via Email.

In its last algorithmic update, Google gives importance to depth articles, if you control on a subject and you can “deepen� in offering a post of 2500 words which you enter detail in a subject in particular, offering videos, references of used sources, images… but you are a mortal of on foot, between whom I include myself, is only an option, to document themselves to you, to study your possible readers, to know its interests, to read articles of you yourself thematic one, to know influencers and knowledge that share they, from writing up here and removing started off to him for your blog, that if it tries that at least your post has 1000 words and a great title that it attracts the users to read what one hides behind.

It labels your post and categorises them here, well-taken care of, you do not include tropecientas thousand categories or thousand labels in a publication NO, it looks for the categories that your thematic demand and you do not use too many, at the time of labeling you see the grain and uses three at the most.


It works the social networks 

If you do not have social profiles or fanpages, ponte hands to the work already! Google begins to very consider backlinks coming from Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest… in addition you will be able to viralizar your contents and to secure to major number of visits.

You can only create articles for your hearing on Facebook, or for communities of Google+ for it the first point of this article (the quality content is essential) is capital, optimizes the content for the social network that you are going to use, size of images, Hastags, mentions, texts, hours of publications and only analyzes that publications really work and which no, is called on to put the batteries to you and to analyze.


Strategies of linkbuilding

The USA the head and you do not create thousands of connections without control, your webpage it will be penalized sooner or later, it investigates that I connect secures your competition, but you will have to detect if he is interesting or not to try to include it, or because that Web is penalized or has content for adults… a guide can be the ranking of Alexa or if you prefer it you can consult pages as Open Site Explorer of MOZ and to explore the section of Span Score will give tracks you of if he is recommendable to include your connection in that website.

You know in Tiered Building Link? we explained this technique to you so that better your structure of connections and you are able to position itself better.

It tries to give you of discharge in directories as DMOZ, although surely you will take in obtaining that they include to you, once secured your Web one will see beneficiary, it looks for other directories, but they ten well-taken care of and it only uses most interesting, there is directories who are considered as farm of connections and this is penalized, I know that he sounds “to another one more than he says the same� but he tries to secure to quality and nonamount if you cannot be exposed to penalties.

You can read this article that we published a time ago of perhaps “how to make natural link building “, interests to you to deepen more just a little bit.


It analyzes your results

The analytical Web is essential in any campaign marketing, SEO or adwords, without a doubt you will have to analyze all publications and that impact these generating, uses Google Analytics, statistics of facebook, Twitter… everything what you must available to be able to see tendencies, that publications work better, whichever visits generate webpage, whichever conversions, commentaries, contacts or consultations generate.

Create customized information to you in Google Analytics that help you to understand the information, that I connect come from SEO, which of social networks, geographic location, from which key words come the visits, what is the percentage by ricochet, that CTR these generating with your actions… if you do not use these “arms� you will be lost in the darkness without knowing what is what it is happening nor because happens.

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5 keys to improve your positioning Web
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