It is evident that the social networks have had a great impact as much in the enterprise scope as personal. The advances in the technological and digital field have caused that the number of users increases, year after year, and that their use is every more habitual day. In this sense, he is interesting to review his evolution: from its incios and the present time and to venturing themselves to foretell what a next future will provide.

The past of the social networks

The social networks began with the arrival of Internet and were evolving thanks to Wikipedia and Blogger, among others platforms. Soon social networks as MySpace, Tumblr or Xing, that have been something relegated, for others as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram arose.
At that time, many considered that to be “social� it consisted of having an account or profile of company, even, in all the social networks, regardless of the nature of the platform and the particular objectives. The form to manage the social networks much more passive era: pursuit and listens to the mentions of the clients or monitoring of the brand. However, given their innovating character, the sharpshooting companies and the lovers of the technology and digital means were very well welcomed by.

The social present time average

Nowadays, every time there are more present brands in the social networks, and so the work that there is to realise to emphasize on the competition is greater. Good part of the strategies goes to follow the most effective current trends to maintain and to catch present and potential clients.
Also, the organic positioning of a Web is conditional by the constant changes of algorithms of the main finders, reason why it is reversed in social networks to obtain visibility, followers and engagement, since they are factors that affect the SEO positively. Of parallel form, power also the investment in publicity, marketing of contents and branding. But the updates of algorithms are not exclusive of the web search engines. Facebook, little by little, has been showing that the social networks are not gratuitous, reason why to develop a good strategy in this social network is not easy, if it does not go accompanied of an advertising investment.

On the other hand, the users continue demonstrating to their predilection by the images multimedia against the written word. They share short images, texts, computer graphics and, especially, experiences with friends and colleagues of work through his movable devices.

In the personal land, the social networks not only have changed substantially the form to communicate with the others, also have approached which was more far, in addition to providing immediacy in the messages. Not to be in them, often, supposes to lose good part of the present time and social life.

Towards where they will evolve?

According to some prognoses, the social networks will follow very present in multiple social and professional scopes. Some experts continue aiming at the content that disappears (Snapchat type), the social networks where he prevails the anonymity and the privacy of the data. In the enterprise context, the brands will have to preach with the example: to create communities, to interact and to adapt constantly to the demand of the users. On the other hand, the departments (marketing, communication, attention to the client…) they will collaborate of form close and integrated to include the social networks within the global strategy of marketing.

The social networks are, therefore, one leaves of life very important daily from people. And, although it is difficult to make a prediction, the certain thing is that one is not a fleeting fashion. Quite to the contrary, it is a key element in the marketing strategy that contributes many advantages. The companies must incorporate them, to be competitive; and the users must use them, to interact and to follow in touch with the world.

Social networks: happened and future
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