As you know well, nowadays if you do not have a webpage in conditions is possible that you lose new possibilities of business, but what is a webpage in conditions? Next we give some keys you so that your “calling card� is what your potential clients hope themselves to find.

The importance of the contents

A tree of contents creates to know clearly that you are going to offer to your clients, investigates that it offers your competition online and thinks about that you can be different (promotions, questions and answers, systems of payments, location, easy contact…).

It writes up in digital formats the contents of your webpage, looks for images that help the compression of the content, if you are an equipment you can share via DRIVE documents and thus to participate all in its writing, whatever more “thinking heads� better ideas.

The content categorises, if you offer services, makes clear the main category and the categories “son� thus you will favor navigation by your Web.
Example: Rental cars (Cat. Main)/New/Second hand

If your business is based on continuous promotions, defines a structure for its presentation, title, description, image, price… and try to always place it in the same position within your website, therefore the users will always look for the promotions of intuitive way.

Design professional Web and election of CMS

It designs attractive heads according to your corporative identity, being faithful to your colors and typographies and applications. It creates outstanding in your main page and inner pages of products or services that interest to you more that they find your visitors.

A Note: all the links that there are in your Web must suffer it, or by color, underlining or menu must be clear at first that it is a connection and that no, if you want to know the more on since making a Web from zero follows these advice of webmaster.

Sometimes surely you do not make a Web completely to size, but you use a CMS as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, investigates that options offer you and tries to adapt everything what you can to your needs, you do not look for a group and it already is, tries to personalize it.
You do not forget to optimize all images before using them, the speed of load is very important so that the users continue consulting your contents.

Google MyBussines and Google+

You cannot let pass the opportunity of which your potentials client can locate to you in a map, it enters Google Mybussines and it discharges from the hospital your business, will offer traffic to you towards your Web. In addition you will have “to make official� your account of Google+ (When creating Google Mybussines you will be able to create a page in Google+, I recommend to you to do it) with your webpage by means of a code that provides Google to you for this aim.

<a href= [IDdetupagina]
rel=� Publisher� >Síguenos in Google+</a>

Other interesting sites exist where to register the location of your business, yellow Yelp, Pages, QDQ, Foursquare… but the most important by his influence in your positioning Web, without a doubt, it is Google Mybussines.

Facility of contact

DispĂłn of forms of conversion easy to find and asks for the data that interest to you more, you do not extend in a super form, the user will not fill up it.
It indicates clearly the contact methods to be able to locate to you, hour of activity, delegations, opening and closing…

Movable version Friendly

Essential! your webpage must be responsive and of easy reading in movable devices, every time navigation by Smartphone or Tablet is greater, so you cannot allow the luxury you to have a Web that is not optimized for these devices.

Social networks

It creates your social networks, intégralas with your webpage and that is easy to accede to them from your website, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin is most famous but many as Pinterest or Instagram exist more, it investigates, whatever more presence you have in different platforms but traffic will generate to your Web.

These are six basic advice so that your presence in Internet at least is adapted, you do not forget that your clients will consult your Web and social means to become a global idea of your services. From many fronts as optimization of code, CSS are opened here, JS, marketing of contents, positioning Web SEO, usability, strategies in Social networks… To what delays to begin?

To day of today it is difficult to know why so many companies do not have webpage, although seems lie many companies work without his webpage, sooner or later it is possible that they urgently need to adapt to the digital world of the present time and not to remain back.

The best calling card, your webpage
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