“Tiered link building� is what commonly pyramid of connections� or “link is called “building of levels�. And it is one of the positioning techniques extended and forceful Web SEO more.

If you want to understand a little better how link works tiered building, a clear and concise definition would be the construction of connections by levels, that is to say, is to be diversifying backlinks in different type from layers, trying who harnesses the link flow juice. Often facing a positioning strong Web, the best thing is to design a meticulous strategy and very thought.

Which are the main advantages of the strategies of tiered link building?

When we carried out strategies of tiered link building, we will be taking to end a strategy of integral marketing, where actions of a very complete form are realised. On the other hand, if you are a specialist in SEO and communication online, you can make a little Spam, as long as you know exactly how to do it, and this same one will help your strategy of SEO.

How we can structure the levels of our pyramid of connections?

When we began a strategy of tiered link building we must know that most recommendable it is to begin making a pyramidal structure that is structured essentially in three “tiers� that is to say, in three levels:


Level 1 of our campaign of Tiered link building:

What is what it is placed in this level? In this first level we are going to place the connections that are going to aim directly towards our own Web (that is to say, the Web that we want to position). It remembers whenever in strategies of links it has very many more importance the quality on the amount.

What types of platforms usually are used in this level? When we are creating connections in the first level, usually they are used blogs and gratuitous platforms of blogging (the most common examples that usually they are used are to blogger and wordpress), also platforms blog of newspapers and universities. These allow to place as much connections “dofollow�, videos of youtube (in the case where we have them), guest post and also notes of press in sites that we consider as of authority.

It optimizes your contents with these advice, if your post is not optimized for SEO your strategies of linkbuilding will not be so effective.

What we must do in the case of creating content for those blogs and gratuitous platforms? In all those cases where you have created content to obtain a link, the content that you believe in that case must have a great quality, on the other hand, as far as the extension of the most recommendable text they are texts than they have an extension among 800 and 1000 words. On the other hand, He is not recommendable Either that you abuse this technique!


Level 2 of our campaign of Tiered link building:

When we are carrying out strategies of tiered link building to this level, the quality happens to background, and what it really acquires major relevance is going to be the amount. When we are trying to construct this second level of a strong form, from this form the links will come from blogs, commentaries in binnacles, forums, articles that are in directories, bookmarks… Of this form, the links are not going to aim of a direct form towards our own Web, but they will aim at the level or to tier 1.

What usually happens in this text type? In the texts that are created for this level 2, usually they are texts with a smaller quality, and less words. Why usually one becomes this way? This type of strategies usually becomes this way because if we chose to create texts of great quality and extension, this would take too much time to us.


Level 3 of our campaign of Tiered link building:

In this level it is when “Spam� can already be done, since it is only going to count the amount, What happens as far as the types of connections? The connections can exactly be the same that would be in tier 1 and 2, in this case, the quality is not going to be important.

What advice we can follow to create a good strategy of Tiered link building thought facing the positioning Web SEO.

The strategies of tiered link building, work correctly only in cases of very meticulous professionals in their work. If not it beams of this form, you will only obtain a penalty for your Web.

Building learns to make natural link and avoids the penalties of Google.

Which are the recommendations that you must follow?

  • It tries on the contrary not to jump you in no case a level, since, would be a type of strategy that would not work.
  • To create a pyramid of links has been a time, tomato the time that you need to create your own pyramid of links.
  • The anchor text of backlinks does not have of being always equal, and in addition it must of being most natural possible. Most recommendable it is than you take a leaf of Excel so that you can control the anchor text used.
  • It tries to harness everything what you can the flow of links, a strategy that you can use in this sense is to use expired domains that they have page high Rank.
  • On the other hand, it tries not to place connections in blogroll or footer.

You have used strategies of tiered link building in your campaign of positioning Web? You know how you can position better your Web? Now that you know how to take to end this type of campaigns, you cheer up to use pyramid strategies of links with your Web?

Tiered link building in positioning Web SEO
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